OK Southwest, it's June 26th!


On SW’s website it says they will open up their schedule until the beginning of Jan today, but so far…nothing!!! Driving me crazy!!! Since we are going Thanksgiving week I am very anxious to book it. The trip will finaly seem real once we have our plane tickets!


For anyone interested … you are now able to book until Jan 9th on SW!!!


I just found those myself. I checked earlier and they hadn’t updated, but they’re done now.

The prices are NOT good though…


No, the prices are not good. We’re paying $480 roundtrip/person. I have a trip booked for Jamaica on Easter week for less than that! It’s amazing that a 2 1/2 hour flight can cost so much. But I love flying Southwest and it’s a direct flight AND I’m going to Disney World so all is still good!


:crying: You’re right. I just looked at similar flights to our December 2007 trip and it’s several hundred dollars more than we paid. Yikes!


Oh, and through Delta (the only other direct carrier from Hartford to Orlando) the fare was $886.00/person!!! So technically the fare I got is a bargain!


We got a ding earlier today, and it was a good deal. But, we booked about a month ago and got an even better deal than was on the ding today, so I am happy!! The ding was for $63 one way from Raleigh-Durham to Orlando, we got $57 one way.


Fuel prices are killing EVERYBODY. The avation gas I use has gone from $3.50 to over $5 per gallon SELF SERVE!!!

At least SWA isn’t playing the charge you for everything bit.