Ok, what's up on April 16?


So, due to crazy airfare costs, my cousin is looking to change her trip dates from 4/17-4/24 to 4/16-4/23. The only trouble is, I can only seem to get a roomo at a value, the Carribbean Beach, AKL or Old Key West. She already has her room booked at WL for 4/17 to 4/24, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to get a night added on.

Any idea what is happening on 4/16 that has all the resorts booked up?


Lots of springs breaks?


Tax Refunds? :laugh:


They’re all coming to see me at disney.:laugh: I didn’t know that many people love me. We were really so dumb picking our dates, I hope it’s not too busy. Actually I can blame my DH, he didn’t want to go in May because there is too much yard work.:confused:


I would say YES and YES!!! :laugh: why doesn’t she just stay value one night and then go to her other resort for the REST of the trip!!


We’ve had to do that a few times, either to save a couple bucks or because nothing else was available.


Disney Grad Nite - April 18 & 19 and April 25 & 26. This could be some of the reason.

Wish I could go again. What a blast!


April 16th is my wedding anniversary - clearly people just want to celebrate with DH and I. :laugh:


All excellent potential reasons. Thanks for the suggestions, MBers! The good news is that the crisis has been averted. They are going to stay in a FW cabin on 4/16 all together (it is my cousin, her husband, her two kids and her parents) and then move over to the WL for the rest of their stay. I booked the cabin(with AAA, yippee!) for them last night. And now their airfare is booked as well so they are psyched!