OK you pros out there


What I am looking for is a COMPLETE list of restaurants and thier Christmas menus. I have seen the ones on disboards.com and wdwig.com and they are fine but far too few. So, put on your thinking caps and come up with something. Thank You Kindly! :flowers: :flowers:


Man, I wish I knew where to look! I only know of the allears menus!


Here’s last years. I’ll keep on lookin’ for this years.


I don’t think you will do much better than Deb’s website. Plus, having worked in the restaurant industry, I think it much too soon for menus for this year. While special menus are not developed at the last minute they also are not developed half a year a way.


www.allearnet.com is THE thing. Deb has last year’s Christmas menus and I’ll bet even the restaurant managers at WDW haven’t decided what they’re going to change this year - if anything.


2005 Christmas menus here.:smile:


gatour and Disney4all, see guys, you can’t give up!! When you have a guy like Readytogo around, anything is possible!! Its a longer list RTG, can you see me bowing in your honor? See if you can do a little bit more of your magic!! :happy:


Ok a little more info. This is for 2006 Christmas. :smile:

Guests can now book dining reservations for Tony’s Town Square Restaurant or Liberty Tree Tavern’s “Liberate Your Appetite” Character Dinner on all Party Event Nights. Party Event Tickets are required.

● Liberty Tree Tavern (All you care to eat meal served family style)
Adult (age 10+) $27.99 plus tax
Child (age 3-9) $12.99 plus tax
Seatings are offered 5 PM - 9 PM

● Tony’s Town Square (a la carte menu)
Guest order off the regular menu.
Seatings are offered 6 PM - 8:30 PM


Christmas 2004 Menus. :smile:



Another good all around list.:smile: