Okay, I'm going to Disneyland!


I can’t stand it.

Everytime I think about my July trip I get a little bit stressed. Mostly because I know we won’t get inside the gates until at least 10am, and there will be monster lines, and because I’ll be with a group who are Disney fans but NOT commandos, I’m just not going to get to see everything I want to see.

So… I just emailed my best friend (with an AP) to ask just how much of a discounted ticket that she can get me with her pass (money is a big issue- I’m working this summer, but with all my flights back & forth from GA to CA, I’m losing money on the deal).

And she says (and really, THIS is the kind of best friend to have), I’ll buy you a ticket, let’s go!

:wub: :wub: :wub:

So… August 23rd or 24th, depending on my schedule… I’m going to Disneyland! And we’ll go on ALL the rides and we’ll be wild and we’ll do the canoes TWICE (once to work out each arm!) and it will be wonderful!

I hope this works out!


Sounds like you will have a great time! Bring your friend something special, she’s a keeper!


Yay Andrea! Now you don’t have to miss out on the Remember Fireworks or anything else! I’m glad to hear that you get to go back. What a wonderful friend you have!


OMGosh, you will have so much fun!! :mickey: I just have to say that I love the canoes—and the cutest boys in the park work that attraction :wub:

I just booked my oldest DS (12) and I for a quick 2 night trip starting Aug 21–I’ll just miss meeting you!


Oh, really?

I hadn’t noticed. :whistling

:laugh: The canoes are seriously underrated.


Yay, what a nice friend. Would she buy me a ticket too? I have not been to DL in way too long. All these threads about DL are making me itch


Oh, that sounds great! Maybe I should do that for a friend, too. Any takers? :tongue:


OMG they are! :eek: :laugh:

And I ALMOST worked there the first time. :dry: The lady asked me, “Can you swim really well?” and I practically got a crick in my neck, I nodded so hard. Oh well! I guess I DO have a pretty cute hubby! :tongue:

That’s great that you will have another trip to look forward to! I’m sooooo that way too…I get stressed about going with people who aren’t commandos, and when it’s crowded…:wacko: Just the thought of it, and I convince myself I’m going to have an awful trip!!


OH CONGRATS! sounds like fun! Thanks, I didn’t even know about the canoe ride! I’ve only been there twice, but now I know, and I’ll put it on the THINGS TO DO for rides for our next trip in October… that sound sooooo farrrrr awayyyyy Occcccctoooooober! why can’t it be august already!


Congrats Andrea!! When you go at least you’ll KNOW the new pirates and BB will for sure be open!! And while you’re enjoying that in DL, I’ll be enjoying it in WDW!!! Congrats!! You have a GREAT best friend there!


wow! have an awesome trip! youll have a blast! :happy:


That sounds fantastic, but going on ALL the rides will take about two days. At a minimum… Which isn’t bad, assuming you are going for two days. :wub: