Okay, lets create a Greek pavilion at Epcot


Would there be an attraction? Movie? Would there be a thrill ride, family ride, or walk through?

How about a restaurant? What would it serve?

What kind of souvenirs would there be to buy?

I’d like my attraction to be a little thrilling, but not too frightening for the kids. It would be ride on and based on mythology, maybe a ride to Olympus to see the Gods.

My restaurant would have wonderful Greek food; Spanikopita, stuffed grape leaves, Baklava definitely for dessert.

I don’t know about souvenirs, though.


I like the mythology concept…thrill ride is needed in the showcase, so I vote mountain to olympus coaster!!!


Yah another roller coaster!


Are Gyro’s greek?? That would be great at a counter service place!!





Arni fournu.






I have to stop now, I’m drooling…but properly-made food at a Greek pavilion would ROCK.


Opa! This is a great idea. They could have Hercules, Meg, and Phil.

Greek food is yummy. Some kind of ride based on Mt. Olympus is a great idea.
Greek mythology is very interesting, they could do a lot here.


I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEE Greek food! I would adore a Greek country! I can eat Gyros all day long…yummy yummy. They do have Greece at FandW right? Or am I making that up…and they could do so much with that! I agree a Mt. Olympus coaster would be awesome!


Don’t forget the Windex!


hahaha! My Big Fat Greek Wedding for the wiiin!

Im not big on Greek food or anything but Hercules would definatly have to make an apperance somewhere!


Great idea - AFTER they put in an Ireland pavillion, of course - lol…

An attraction could feature Hercules (‘Heracles’ in Greek), but I know Disney kind of shies away from movie/cartoon references at Epcot.


Oh! I would sooooo be hanging out in Greece!!