Okay. WOW, Theme Park Pix from 1974... I have to scan them


Okay, wow. My Mom and I were going through some of my grandmother’s belongings tonight. My Grandmother passed away in 1996 but I have several boxes I have never gone through. Anyway, about 30 pix from her trip to Disney World in 1974 are in there. WOW, what a great find. I have pix of the swan boats, the Castle, several characters, Tomorrowland, the Frontierland Train Station, and Tom Sawyer’s Island, plus the main gate Train Station out front. I have GOT to scan these, you guys would love these. First off, I have to admit, as a 36 year old tough guy, I cried a little knowing my Grandmother, who took me the first time, was a mousejunkie too, but these are just great.

Wow, I will get these up ASAP.


Arrrgggh, I am tryign to get my MAC to work with my 4 year old scanner. I HATE WINDOWS devices!!!


yes, please do. I bet the characters look a little different than they do today.


The first set. Sorry, my scanner wasn’t working, I had to take them with my cell phone.


Set 2. If I can get the scanner working, I will put better versions up.


By the way, my Grandmother is the beautiful woman with Doc!


These are really cool to look at…Thanks for posting.


Last one off the phone, I had to include the swan boats.


Too cool. I’d love to see more!


My favorite is “The Rocket Jets”, “Where space pilots of all ages blast off to new heights, opening next year”. That is The Astro Orbiter. One, not the same imagination as now, but two, the meanest ride in Disney history. LOL. Make me sicker than a dog!


Is it just me, or does the Frontierland train station look VERY different now?


Wow, those are so awesome!


Thanks for sharing. That must bring back so many memories for you.


It brings back memories of my Grandmother, I was one year old when she went though. LOL. She took me on my first trip in 83 actually. Epcot had just opened, and we went over Easter weekend. I would love to have seen it when it first opened, it looks so sparse/open. I did ride 20,000 Leagues and I did see the Mainstreet Electrical Parade and I remember those well from that first trip. It is crazy how different the place is now. I have more pix but nothing different in them. I hope to see it 20 years from now too, see how different it looks.


What a wonderful thing to see. That’s what scares me about digital cameras though. All the photos are in computers and on cd’s, etc. What happens thirty years from now, how will people come across the photos like cjtownman did. I’ve been on a mission, printing up all my photos, like the old days, for that reason alone. Hope everyone else does too, not to lose history.


I ABSOLUTELY love the one with Doc!!! Your grandmother is gorgeous!!!


This is such a treasure! I have a few questions for anyone –

I have never seen those swan boats, how cool are they!

And what is the dock on the right side of the riverboat pic? I have never seen that either.

And can you believe how well everyone used to dress? The women, including townman’s grandma, arrived well-dressed and with hair all done… there are even a couple of guys in suits (although they may have been working).


Thanks for posting those! Love the one with your grandmother and Doc.
Love the outfits too:happy:


Great pics. Thanks for posting


Awesome pictures! Thank you for sharing.