OK...I must confess...I've been lurking!


Yes, it’s true. I am “lurker Ginger” who met “the famous Ginger” in Adventureland about 2 weeks ago. :mickey: I have truely enjoyed reading (aka lurking) all of your posts over the last several months as I prepared for our recent WDW trip. I am now turning from my horrible lurking habits and am now an official member of the DC family!!! :biggrin: I will now be posting instead of lurking!! Yippee!
Ginger J.


Welcome to the board Ginger!!! Hope you have lots of fun here! Oh, it’s not too late to do a trip report! :tongue:

Oh, and please don’t tell me the ‘Bama’ in your name is THE Bama… Roll Tide Bama… :pinch: :nonono2:


Welcome to DC!!! Not that you haven’t been here before, lol. I’m happy you signed up :mickey:

How was your trip to WDW? Can we pry a trip report out of you? :wink:


Yes, you are correct!

We had a WONDERFUL trip to WDW!! We were there Feb. 4-10. I will post a trip report, but I am nervous about what to write, since I’ve never read a trip report before!!! LOL :whistling


Oh, then we will have lots of fun come football season. War Eagle, baby! :heart:

Just take a look through some of the other TRs and get an idea. Nothing to stress over. Just an overall view - where you went, what you did, reactions, etc. Give us something to salivate over. :eek:


I KNEW I wasn’t just being paranoid… we ARE being watched! :laugh:

Welcome, Bama!


<marquee> :happy: WELCOME TO DC!!! :happy:</marquee>


Welcome to DC. Don’t worry about the TR. You can write as much, or as little as you’d like!


I thought it felt like someone was staring at us…Welcome to DC! I am confident you will find everything you need to know about Disney here. You should know that already. You’ve been lurking. Now where is the trip report?


As you can see…SOME of our DC members are a little pushy.
Not me, of course…So, trip report?


LOL, are you done with that report yet? Just kidding GingerJ :wink:

You haven’t read a TR? Wow, a whole part of the board you can spend days pouring over, lol. The TR styles are varied, even the ‘bad’ ones are good! We just love to read about where you ate, where you stayed and what you thought of it. If you can rub in the fact the crowds were low and there were no lines, that’s even better! No pressure :angel:


Yeeeaaahhhhh get off the bench and stop watching, get in the game! Welcome to DC! :biggrin:


So…I’m NOT paranoid??? :pinch:

Oh…welcome to DC…as you know…Your gonna love it here! :tongue:


She IS paranoid, Bama Rama Ding Dong! (Whaaat? Like I am the ONLY one who thought that?!!)


:laugh: :laugh:
I thought of Bananarama, and immediately starting singing ‘Venus.’ :pinch:


Welcome Bama (GingerJ - BTW, I like that better!) but I am a Seminole who leans the AU way in the big Iron Bowl :biggrin:

It’s great to have you here!!! (visibly!)


Welcome to this crazy congregation of people . . . fondly known as the DC family! You’ll have fun here!


Welcome, Ginger! I’m glad you finally decided to join and start posting.

I would love to hear about your trip. Read over a few trip reports and you will see that we all do it differently. Some of us give a over view of our trip, others give a detailed report. No matter how you do it we’ll love it.


Glad to Meet you Ginger 2! You have come to the right place. Hope you are happy at DC! and WELCOME!!! :wub:


Welcome to DC!!! :cool: you will love it here!