OKW and the dining plan


Boy do I have a million questions today!! We are staying at OKW and were told by our travel agent that we can not get the dining plan because we booked thr room and tickets separately. We are not using points. Can we still get the dining plan- we are only 21 days out? We have 6 adults and 2 kids ages 3 1/2 and 5. Can we get it just for the adults? My 5 year old has a pretty big appetite!! My 3 y.o. is extremely picky. I know its up for much debate but is it worth it? We have CRT booked for breakfast for 2 adults and 2 kids the one morning and Hoop de doo Revue for dinner for all 8 another night. Do all your meals have to be reservations with the plan or can we kinda fly by the seat of our pants? We are thinking of eating a very early dinner most of the days to avoid crowds. HELP!!! Thanks


Your agent’s a bobo. If he can’t or won’t help, all you can do now is call Disney and see if, and that’s a big if, they can combine it together as a Magic Your Way package. From what I know and have read, you can only get the meal plan as an add on to a room and ticket package. Disney might be able to accomodate you, but I"m not the one who will say they will. If you can get over this hurdle, then things smooth out for you. The dining plan allows great flexibility to your planning. Everybody does not have to eat at the same place and time. But everyone staying in your room must be on the plan. If you are really two or three group/rooms, you all don’t have to be on the plan, but, you have to do them all as seperate reservations. The amount of meal “coupons” left are always shown on your receipt. You do not have to make PSs for anything, it’s just recommended that you do to avoid disappointment and long waits. You don’t need to let anyone know you are or aren’t on the dining plan until you are shown to your seat, it doesn’t matter until then. You don’t have to put everyone on the check, that is, you can pay for 4 meals out of pocket and the other 4 on the plan, but you must let your waiter know what you’re doing so they can make two checks. For most families, the dining plan is the way to go.


Agent is wrong. Used to be DVC members couldn’t do dining plan because we didn’t book package (don’t need accomidations and/or passes) but that has changed.

If agent won’t call Disney directly once you get you confirmation number…and don’t use your travel agent again.


Could it be that we got a decent discount on the villa because brother’s girlfriend works for the airline???


Agent? Airline? This is starting to sound fishy. Did you rent the agent’s DVC points?


Disney won’t touch a reservation made by an agent. They will only verify the information in there.


my reservation was booked through my travel agent and we got a room only discount because my brother’s girlfriend is an airline employee. She booked our room and she got us our tickets. We did not rent any points.


Clarification- she being the travel agent


Here is what I know about the MYW dining plan. You have to have to book your room and tickets as a package but the number of days on your ticket does not have to match the number of days/nights you book. For example, you can book a 7 night stay and add a one day pass to make your reservation a package. If you bought your tickets and booked your room separately then you will have a problem trying to add the dining package. Plus, you got a discount on your room, most of the time you have to book your room at rack rate. Had you rented DVC points then no ticket is needed to add the dining plan.


Thank you very much DisneyTeacher for your reply!!! I think that is what the travel agent was talking about!!


I think you are still ahead if you got a great room rate.