OKW and/or SSR


We have a convention to attend and sense I’ll be flying out just days later for my Ladies Disney trip I figured I’d have the family there with me and hang out instead of go home and fly back.
So I have a day before the convention in need of a place to stay and then 3 nights after. I can do all OKW or stay OKW then SSR
I’m excited to stay at OKW as we’ve never been before.
We’ve been to SSR before but it certainly wasn’t our favorite. We would stay there again it just wasn’t our favorite.
We don’t plan at this point to go to the parks and if we did it would probably be too hot that we would only do water parks. I know SSR is close to DTD and mysitter/cousin may enjoy going over there.
So do we split it up or just go right back to OKW?:confused:
We have DD3 1/2, DS12 and cousin 18.


It’s hard to choose. We enjoy both (can’t say either is our favorite DVC property, but we like them) and they both have their pros. OKW has larger rooms, is a quiet property and pretty laid back, we’ve been there several times. I think there’s a boat that goes to DtD, but we’ve never used it. SSR we’ve only been to once in 2005, it’s our “Home” and we wanted it to be our 1st place to stay on our new DVC points. We stayed at The Springs and enjoyed the location, the accessibililty to DtD by boat or a convenient 10-15 minute walk if I remember correctly. We were close to the main pool and the bus stop too. The points difference pulls us back to OKW when we’re going on a budget. If I remember correctly, both properties are fairly close to Typhoon Lagoon…which is our favorite water park. I think our Favorite DVC property is BWV only because of location…a close runner up would be AKLV…still waiting for Hawaii to open it’s DVC property!


See we’ve never been to OKW but either way its the only place to stay for that 1st night. Bigger rooms may be a benefit. But DTD is definitely a benefit too. I guess either way it’s a short boat ride which is always nice. We aren’t really planning on any parks at this time and if we did, not sure it would be a full day because of the time of year we’re going.
What about kids? We’ll have a 3yo. Will she enjoy SSR pool or OKW sand box better? Does OKW have a water slide? I guess our 12yo will also need to be taken into consideration…


We went to both last year, and hands down SSR won on everything. The kids loved the pool at SSR. We loved the food court and just the whole theming and layout. In fact I just got back for Orlando(staying offsite) and took some of my family over to see it and we actually agreed that we want to stay there next year.


Boy I’m just the opposite of mousemom. Saratoga was kinda dull for me. The main pool is a nausea color and the buss service seemed slower than OKW. Plus the OKW room was way bigger than the SS one. Saratoga has a better food court but thats about all I liked better.