OKW anyone? Great deal


Well, if any of you recall, I tried to donate 72 OKW points to a Rotary auction, but didn’t have any takers. These points must be used by Dec. 1.

Then, DW and thought we’d take a vacation and use them ourselves. Unfortunately, those plans have gone awry because:frown: my Dad, of blessed memory, shockingly and suddenly passed away August 17.

So, I’m offering them up to anyone willing to pay $8 per point. That’s right - $8 per point, and MB is the only place they are listed, for now. You won’t get a better deal than that. PM me if interested. First come, first served. Dad was a very giving man (800 people showed up for his funeral), and maybe he can help you out, too.


Hi Jeff. I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad. I know how hard it is as I lost mine 4 years ago (Sept 8th). I still miss him so much everyday.

I hope you are able to rent out your points. That is a super price. I think someone here on mousebuzz was having some problems renting theirs awhile back and they converted their points to RCI points. Just wanted to tell you that in case it’s an option.


Jeff -

I cannot use the points, but wanted to offer my sympathy for the loss of your father.


Jeff, I’m sorry to read about your father.
You have my sympathies.


So sorry about your dad, it’s been 16 years for me and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss him. :wub:


Hi Jeff, any luck yet? (I wish I were able to use them!!!)


Jeff sorry to hear about your father. It has been over 30years for me on my father and I still think about him to this day around special occasions especially.


No, nothing yet. Maybe in this economy people just aren’t interested in renting DVC points?

I do thank you for asking, and, more importantly, I thank you all for your heartfelt sympathies and kind words.


still available