Okw Dvc Owners Can Extend Epiry Date To 2057


Hi everybody just heard from a good source that Disney is giving current OKW DVC owners an option to extend their expiry date from 2042 to 2057, it will cost them $15 per point if they excercise this option before Feb. 2008.



Yes, this is true. We received a post card on it a few weeks ago. I called our sales rep and he said should be able to make the add’l purchase around Jan/Feb. I was also informed that if you buy before Feb 29th, should see a good discount off that $25 rate.

We are most likely going to do this with our membership. I’ll keep you posted as I find out more details.

I was told, by the way, they will probably do this at all of the DVC resorts over the next few years.


I think that’s great :smile:


I guess then if you buy after Feb 29,2008 the cost will be $25.00 per point. I also heard that if this goes well they extend this option to the other DVC resorts that have an expiry date of 2042.

What are they going to do with SSR, our expiry date is 2054 and not 2057? I wonder if they will move our date also to 2057 as a goodwill gesture or if we have to pay $3.00 per point.

Any body know more about this.


I just got my post card on Saturday. I am still trying to decide if I am going to do this. My plan was to sell my OKW membership when the Contemporary DVC opened up (fingers crossed), but I am not sure if it will be worth paying the extra $15 per point, and if I will get that back in a year or two when I got to sell it or not.

My thinking is that there will be a price difference between the two, and it will be less than $15, so in the short run, I would be better off not doing this now. I am worried though that in 15 years or whatever, they will offer this deal again, and because I didn’t opt for it this time, I won’t be able to opt for it next time either.

As for Saratoga Springs, I doubt they would do anything now, but maybe in 12 years, they will offer to extend it for 15, to match all the resorts up. I am not sure how important that is to Disney though.



The current 15 year difference translates to having approximately 45% more years of enjoyment. If you are planning to sell and buy again, you will probably only have 30 years left for use compared to the 50 that will be available for use under the Contemporary contract. To me this will translate into a considerable depreciation in the original contract.

But, that is just my guess.