OKW Pool


We are booked for the BWV in August but with the new August - September special if we change to OKW we can save over $1000.00 on the trip. My DD:confused: is worried that OKW does not have a slide because I can’t find a picture of it on the WDW website. Can someone please assure her that there is a waterslide at OKW.


OKW does have a slide!


Daisee is right, OKW has a slide. The pool was redone a few years ago so it’s very nice.

Here are a lot of OKW photos, including more pictures of the slide: Old Key West Photos


Check this out… click on link… scroll down to recreation & fun…
they have several Slide photos.

Old Key West Photos


LOL…seems like we had the same idea!:laugh:


:laugh: Daisee-- I added a similar link in my post just as you did.


You guys are great or as my DD just said about the slide AWESOME!

Thanks so much you just saved us over $1000.00.

Now we can afford the gas to get there!


As a totally BIASED OKW lover you will NOT be sorry! BWV may have a little more “flash” but OKW more than makes up for it in the size of the suites and the “village” atmosphere. I’d be happy never staying anywhere else on WDW property.

Funny slide story: We were there a few years ago when the slide was opened in January. It was a really cold day, but to christen it a whole bunch of castmembers went down in their clothes. It was so much fun cheering them on!:happy: The pool’s great - your DD will love it. (Also 3 other quiet pools).


I can hardly wait to christen the pool in December.


:pinch: :pinch: :pinch: :pinch: :pinch:


Phew, glad I’ll be there before you.:wink:


What’s the big deal, you two?


I just got back from OKW and Dave and I had some serious fun on that slide! Also the pool was awesome…it was very beachy! And Goods to Go was right next door so we could grab a bite.


We actually prefer the pool at OKW over the BW. The rollercoaster slide is cool, but DD like the beach area behing the lighthouse slide.


The main pool at OKW has a cool water slide actually…she’ll love it there.


I concur! The Old Key West pool will NOT dissapoint, there are lots of cool features going on there. Your family will love it!