OKW studios?


I am going to OKW in Sept.with my family and a couple of friends and would like to know if the studios have adjoining rooms, we would like them to be connected if at all possible. Thanks!


As I understand, they do not guarantee it unless you have a two bedroom suite. BUT it could be done if you’re lucky.


Well, that was my question. Do they have studios that connect? I understand that I would have to wait till I get there and request one with no guarentee of getting one. But, I just needed to see if they offered them at all.


I am sure that they do. We have stayed in the 2 bedroom Suites.


Ok. Then short answer is “Yes”


Thank you that is a big help.


Do you mean are there other studios that connect to other studios or studios that connect to suites?


Oh wait I can’t read :laugh: You already answered that one.
Yes. :laugh: I think studios also connect to one bedroom suites don’t they? In order to make them two bedroom suites?


Yes, but if you rent two studios I don’t think DVC will allow you to join them together with another party. If you find out differently, please let us know…this could come in REALLY handy!