OKW to GF?


We have a breakfast planned at 1900 Park Fair, because DGD wants to see Mary Poppins and Alice in Wonderland. I checked out the transportation wizard and it says it will take nearly an hour by bus but you can drive it in 13 minutes. My DH and I will be driving, but there is not room for all 7 of us in the car. Is it fairly easy to get a cab?? Is there usually one around the resort? Would there be a van available so we can all just ride together?


There are usually cabs waiting right outside the doors of the main entrance of the hotels. Just stop by the valet stand and they will get you a van cab for your party.


We have never had an issue getting a taxi at the resorts. When we have needed a van we have called down to the valet about 15 minutes before we left the room and it’s always been waiting when we walked out.


We always use WDW transportation the entire stay their. We have our cars but prefer not to use them. We take the bus from OKW to MK and then monorail to GF and yes it can take an hour but it doesn’t seem that long to us.


Thanks Disneyonmymind & DisneyTeacher!
Willbegone - My family, especially my DD who works nights, is horrible about getting up in the mornings! If it will save my nerves (and temper) I will gladly pay for a taxi fare LOL! But normally we will take Disney transportation!


It’s fairly easy to get a cab, though easier at the deluxe resorts than mods.
You could bus to the MK and then take a launch from there over to the GF.
That shouldn’t take a full hour, but I would plan on 40 minutes to 45 minutes.
It depends more on the bus than it does on the launches.


I agree with soundgod, it’ll be much quicker, once in the MK area, to take the boat to GF instead of riding the monorail around almost the entire loop.

On the way back to MK (to catch a bus back to OKW), the monorail will be quicker in that direction … you only have one stop to go to MK, but with the boat in that direction, from GF to MK, the boat will stop at Poly first before going back to MK).