OKW transportation


How is the bus transportation from this resort? Anyone with first hand experience? I am reading through the unofficial still and they completely bash their transportation. It says that there is only limited bus service between 12pm and 6 pm?? Is this correct?


no one has any experience with OKW transportation??


Sorry, girl. I stayed there once and we had our car with us. We didn’t use their transportation AT ALL. However, we were in the building directly across from the main building and bus stops and I ALWAYS saw busses there, if that helps. :happy:


Well if you always saw the buses then maybe it’s not as bad as the unofficial claims it is. They really slamed thier bus system…saying it was “subpar”…that’s never good, but hopefully they are being just a little to critical. I have no interest in getting a car, so I hope it’s ok.


After reading that info from the Unofficial Guide, we changed our resort in 2003…we were going to be staying at OKW, but were not going to have a car. So we ended up deciding to go to All-Star Movies and use the extra money for La Nouba, Hoop-De-Doo, etc.

I wish I could give you official info on it. But I know just reading that review of their transportation made us really nervous! :huh: I guess they expect a lot of people to use cars there, since it’s primarily DVC.

But they also don’t speak very highly of the Values and their busses, and we’ve had nothing but great experiences. So maybe it’s not too bad!!


If you never get a car, you will be totally fine with the busses, no worries! I did see a lot of busses there!! I remember commenting to Eugene about how we wouldn’t have to worry if we didn’t have a car! :laugh:


llama stays there often. I am going to see what she says too. I don’t want to worry about waiting for a bus all the time…I’m so impatient…I’ll grab a cab…lol


You impatient?? DH is HORRIBLE!!! He absolutely WILL NOT take Disney busses anywhere. Even when we stay onsite, we HAVE to have a car! But he LOVES the monorail…I think he hates the busses #1 because of the waits, #2 because they can get crowded, #3 because we have to take everything out of the stroller and he has to worry about folding the stroller and taking ALL the stuff out, too. AND he usually has to STAND on the bus holding all this crap. That really TICKS him off…so no busses for us. I don’t want to piss him off too early in the day…LOL…:laugh:


llama confirmed in pm that the buses are no different there than at any other resort…whew! Glad to hear that from another person. OK so I can stop psycho, panic mode…lol


:laugh: Oh dear…I have a premonition that my DH will be this way too. Not that I’m Ms. Patient, but after using the bus system for so long in Cali, I don’t think Ryan will EVER have the patience for busses again!

I may have to reconsider my “no rental car” WDW tradition. Even if I DO get us lost, at least we’ll be lost with a set of wheels! LOL.


Good, I’m glad to hear it! I would love to stay there someday. :heart:


Oh I’m impatient enough, but not enough to want to drive myself…lol DBF will have his car (he’s driving instead of flying) and we can use his car for our resort ADR’s to save time and money.


PERFECT plan! :happy:


Dana… I called a friend who has DVC at that resort, so they stay there for all their trips. She said she had never heard of the bus service starting so late, since they go to the parks early each morning on the buses.She said you are not to worry about a thing!


I’ll weigh in (not really “weigh in”:eek: ) even though we’ve talked of this in a PM. Just for other people wondering.

Sometimes the Official goes too far with the negative. OKW is no different than any other resorts. The bus service is regular and good. Like every other resort, sometimes there are glitches, but I’ve never waited more than 15 minutes for a bus - and because so many people have cars there and drive to the parks - the buses are rarely crowded. (like NEVER - except for the MK bus, but every MK bus is crowded, right?)

Dana, if you do have a car - I would highly recommend driving to the parks, except to the MK. No matter how efficient the buses are, a car is still faster.


We stayed at OKW on Dec 31 for one day. What I didn’t like about OKW, is the same complaint I have about Caribbean Beach and POR. That is, each of those resorts have big loops that include 4 bus stops. In order to get rid of my camera and tripod, because the tripod wouldn’t fit in an MK locker, I decided to drop the stuff in the room and then return to MK. Well, that wound up being a 75-90 minute proposition (not sure exactly how long). A similar errand after Wishes while staying at Dolphin, and then meeting wife in Epcot for EMH took about 45 minutes including the bus ride from MK(first bus full so took second bus) and the walk from Dolphin to Mission Space.


I agree that Unofficial goes over the top. I think sometimes the editors like to be extra negative in order to maintain credibility. :glare:

ANYHOO, while I’ve never stayed at OKW, whenever I’ve been in the World, there are always plenty of OKW buses, at all times of the day. So it can’t be any worse than any other resort.

To me, I prefer the buses for a bunch of different reasons:

  • we always fly, so renting a car is an additional expense
  • we like to relax and relaxing sometimes means finishing a bottle of wine with dinner. So, better to have someone else do the driving.
  • I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen asleep on a bus, particularly when returning from MK. Can’t do that when I’m driving. :eek:

In all the recent trips we’ve had, I can only think of twice where I was frustrated with the buses.

The monorail is a different story. Especially the MK loop. That is the antithesis of rapid transit. :glare:


Don’t get me started on that one. Later in July I was doing the usual, that is racing from Illuminations to Wishes. Starting from the Japanese arch and working back counter clockwise towards the monorail station, I seemed to be making good enough time, though it would be close. Made it to TTC and raced up to the boarding express monorail. The CMs were rushing everyone on, which made sense, we had 20 minutes to Wishes. Well, the train stood on the platform, and eventually left. We stopped 4 times between TTC and MK. I was walking under the tunnel just as Wishes was starting.
The CMs should have been warning guests that the express was running slow, they did know there were block stopping issues on the express line at the time, and telling us if we were in a real hurry to take the resort monorail in order to make Wishes in time. I mentioned this to one of the Disney Transport CM supervisors at the MK as I was leaving that night. Hopefully somethng was done to make sure this doesn’t happen to other guests.
And yet, of all the times I’ve raced between Epcot and MK, this was the only time in probably 10 attempts, that I was late arriving at the other park.


ruh roh. Pandora always seems to be lurking… :ohmy:

Living in Boston, I know how rapid transit works. I’m very fortunate.

I really disagree with the way the monorail is managed.

I have no problems with making a train wait because of a handicapped guest, but holding a train because someone is running up the ramp just doesn’t make any sense. There’s always another train coming in 5 minutes. 5 minutes is nothing.

But making the train wait simply slows down the whole system.


I’m from the NY metro area and grew up hanging on a strap. I’m just spoiled at WDW because their transport system, on the main, is more efficient than any metropolitan transit system in the northeast, let alone here in south Florida.