Okw vs saratoga


i called member services to try and get into BLT for dec5 - 11, there is nothing available anywhere except for saratoga and OKW. doeas anyone have an opinion either way as to which is better?


SSR is our home resort and we love it. We did stay at OKW last October and loved that too. Before you stay at either, look at maps and determine where you would like to be and make a request. Both resorts are huge and sprawling.


We prefer SSR over OKW. I guess it is just a personal thing as you will get some strong support for OKW also. You can’t lose either way.


I have to agree, you can’t really go wrong either way!

I am assuming you are DVC members, if so, I believe that OKW would be less points!

Our first stay as DVC members we stayed at OKW, we had a two bedroom and we were very impressed. The room was so spacious, and I loved the two full baths! I have not since stayed in a two bedroom so that could actually be standard, however, I LOVED the balcony!!! It was huge. It had a table and six chairs, we loved coming home at night and relaxing out there!!! I have not been able to get used to the smaller balcony’s that every other resort has, they just don’t compare!!! Our room there was beautiful, I have also heard that they are renovating a lot of the OKW rooms currently!

As for SSR, we just stayed there this past December and we were so disapointed that it was all we could get when we tried to book, we felt it lacked the “WOW” factor and wanted more of an “experience”! WE WERE PLEASANTLY SUPRISED!!! You can go back and read all of my posts regarding how much we wanted to stay somewhere else, but we actually fell in love with SSR, it was peaceful, beautiful, and extreamly relaxing! We would never again be dissapointed to stay there. (Although we prefer the Boardwalk, we like the location and I love to sit out and people watch on the balcony, but SSR is our home resort so it is easier to book!!)

I do have a recommendation for you with regard to each though…

If you choose OKW, ask for Hospitality House! If you choose SSR, ask for the Springs section.

Let us know what you decide!


I like both resorts, but definately enjoyed SSR more for some reason. I think the layout is a bit more friendly and the food court has a much better variety. Honetly, you can’t go wrong with either, but SSR is just a touch nicer.


I like OKW for the great table service restaurant ‘Olivia’s’, the pool is pretty cool, and the rooms are larger. Although, I have to say, make sure you are in one of the refurbed rooms if possible. We were in a really old room and it showed, BIG TIME!

SSR is great too; nice rooms, big main pool, great bus service, close to DtD, & the food options at the resort are excellent too.

I think SSR gains a slight edge for me 'cause it’s newer & the buses are fast & frequent!


I liked both resorts. I don’t think you can go wrong either way. My favorite thing about SSR was the location we were in and being able to walk to DTD. And it is a really beautiful resort.


thanks for all the input…right now we are at OKW, and are on the waitlist for WLV and BLT… our biggest concern is with the bus service. we have 2 small kids, so whatever bus service is more reliable would be our best bet.


I have to say that I’ve stayed at SSR many times and OKW a few; bus service at SSR was ALWAYS much quicker & seemed to have more frequent busing.


I’m with the Wishster on this one. If there is one thing that makes the difference - it is the bus service. SSR being the better of the two.


I have been to both and I LOVED SSR way better. I loved the feel of it, the pool, and bus transportation better. I would go with SSR.


My home resort is SSR…I have stayed at OKW, and would do it over and over…I enjoy the atmosphere of OKW…plus they have chocolate chip pancakes…Some thing that I have been finding that most DVC resorts do NOT have!


I can’t say one is better than the other since I’ve only been to OKW but we stayed there and really LOVED it. The decor was peaceful and we loved being tucked away in our little room.

Oh and we requested a room close to the Hospitality House and it was granted…which meant we were the 1st bus stop on the way home from the parks…which was EXCELLENT.