We are trying to rent points to stay at a DVC. For the dates we are traveling the options open are SSR, OKW, maybe AKV or VWL. What would you recommend? We will have 6 adults and 4 young children 6 and under. The kids of course will judge the resort by the pool and slide. Also, we would prefer to have fairly easy transportation to the parks. It looks to me like SSR, OKW and AKV are fairly spread out and may require long walks to the bus stop etc. I know that OKW is the oldest of the 4 but are the rooms still pretty nice? I would love to hear your thoughts.


Hello Jewels and welcome to MB. You will get a lot of different opinions on this one.
My family & I prefer SSR. We found the beds to be more comfortable and rooms brighter that OKW. I can not offer an opinion of AKV or VWL, but others can.

Enjoy your planning and I hope you hang around for a while. Be careful, some of these guys are a bit in the ‘sTrAnGe’ side if you know what I mean (nod-nod; wink-wink).


Hello and welcome to MB !

I have stayed at SSR (my home resort) OKW and AKV, staying at VWL in April. If points are not an issue, I would say AKV for a first stay. My kids loved it there and the pool is huge, it has Flamingos near it too! That being said, SSR is a big resort but very beautiful and I didn’t have far walks to buses. OKW has 2 queen beds in a studio which was nice, pool has a slid ethat the kids enjoyed.Like Boss said,you will get lots of opinions but you will enjoy which ever you choose! Have fun picking!


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Enjoy your planning and I hope you hang around for a while. Be careful, some of these guys are a bit in the ‘sTrAnGe’ side if you know what I mean (nod-nod; wink-wink).[/QUOTE]



OKW rooms are bigger, so that is a plus, but there are 5 bus stops throughout the resort, so that may get a little old. AKV is my favorite. It only has two bus stops, so less time driving through the resort. There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and having a cup of coffee on your balcony with a giraffe right there.


Welcome to MB.

We all hav eour favorite resorts. Check Allears.net for pictures and go from there. OKW does have bigger rooms and usually better bus times than SSR. But that can change with a route adjustment depending on crowds.

Find what you think is the best for your group. You cannot go wrong.


I assume that you are going to get a two bedroom and if that is the case, I would suggest OKW. the two bedrooms are HUGE! The pool area is awesome and it’s only a boat away from DTD.


[QUOTE=Boss Mouse;1020335]
Enjoy your planning and I hope you hang around for a while. Be careful, some of these guys are a bit in the ‘sTrAnGe’ side if you know what I mean (nod-nod; wink-wink).[/QUOTE]

Ahemmmmm! bad Boss…:pirate:


Hi jewels, and welcome!
We just stayed at SSr in January and it was phenomenal. Absolutely lovely in every way. We were in the Grandstand section and we absolutely loved it!
We have always wanted to try WLV because of the beauty of the resort. And lots of people love OKW for its larger rooms.
I really don’t think you can go wrong with any of these.


I also enjoyed SSR…stayed in the paddock…excellent location. I just think that OKW is better suited for what you are looking for.


Welcome to MB. Oh, and WHO let Boss out again?!? I thought we took his keyboard away.

Every DVC resort has pluses and minuses, like all WDW resorts. Every one requires use of the bus system to get somewhere, but you are onsite, and even SSR which is spread out and more park like, has plenty of transportation.

With little one’s I think I’d recommend Wilderness Lodge Villas. It’s a boat ride to MK and that’s the fav for the littlest visitors. Bus stop is pretty close to the Villas wing too. The main pool isn’t too far and there is also a smaller pool right outside the DVC section too.

All of the DVC resorts are large and confortable. Al have pools and bus stops nearby.


I have been to both and I just like the whole layout and ambience of SSR. It jsut has a more laid back feel and eye appeal to me.


Welcome to MB!

Our vote is OKW; we stayed at SSR last year and are going back to OKW this year. My DD (10) judges the resorts by the slides and pools too. She was very underwhelmed by the slide at SSR but loves the sandcastle slide at OKW. If money or points are not a consideration, look at the BCV and BWV for really cool pool and slides. We haven’t been to the AKV but plan to take a look this time it’s supposed to have an awesome pool area too.


We vote for OKW. It is very laid back and peaceful. My kids love the pool and the activities there. The rooms are quite large. Our family of 4 usually stays in a 1 bedroom. This past Dec we stayed in a 2 bedroom when my parents traveled with us and there was plenty of room for everyone. The resort is large and you usually have to hop a bus to the hospitality house depending on where you stay but I have not found that to be a problem. Good luck with your planning and I am sure that no matter which resort you choose you will have a magical time.