Sorry, but I have some really silly ?'s since this is our first WDW trip in a long time!! We are staying at OKW in a 2 bedroom villa. Do we need to provide our own bath towels? Do we need to bring dishwasher and dish soap? Does anyone know if the second bedroom is big enough for a queen air mattress? Like I said-silly questions, but I was just wondering. I’m sure I will have more silly questions as the time gets closer!!! Thanks!!!


Towels-no, included
They give a small bottle of dish soap and a packet for dishwasher. I think you can ask housekeeping for more if needed.
If you move the little table in second room you can fit queen air mattress.
Just so you know, master bedroom is 1 king bed, 2nd bedroom ois 2 full beds, living room is full fold out couch, and the living room is real large so mattress could fit in there easier!


what is OKW?


Old Key West Resort.


Not silly questions at all.

First of all - you’re going to LOVE OKW. It’s our absolute favourite DVC resort. To answer your questions: No, you don’t have to bring bath towels. And towels are provided at all the pools, for swimming. The villas are completely equipped with everything you will need. That goes for dishwasher detergent and dish soap too. One small box of Tide is provided in the laundry room, so if you plan on doing more loads, bring some yourself. The only thing you will need in the kitchen is food. The second bedroom has two queen beds. I’m not sure if you could squeeze a queen mattress in it - I would think you could. If not in the second bedroom, there is definitely room in the living room.

Ask all the questions you want. We’ve had more than 10 stays at OKW and have loved every one of them. Welcome home!


I’m so happy to hear that. We are thinking of changing our reservation to OKW but I’m a little worried since we’ve never seen it before.


It is our favourite resort - both atmosphere-wise and villa-wise. You’ll be amazed at the difference between the size of the suites at OKW vs. the other resorts. I think what most people are leery of is that it’s the “oldest” property - but like all DVD properties it’s kept in spotless condition and I think because it was the first condo property, absolutely nothing was spared.
The atmosphere is wonderful. It’s like a real little village. I feel that it has all the Disney magic, and it’s a nice, quiet break from the park The transportation is by bus and is very good. The ferry to DTD is a very nice ride, too.


Thank you everyone for the information!! So the second bedroom has 2 queens or 2 fulls??? Anyway, we are so excited- only 33 more days!!! Hooray!!!


it might be 2 queens. I thought they were a little small for queen but i could be room. BTW the jacuzzi tub is HUGE!!!


It is definitely 2 queens in the second bedroom. A king in the master bedroom and - yes - the whirlpool tub is huge. Perfect for relaxing in at the end of a loong day. You will also have 3 tvs and a DVD player. Enjoy!


I have only stayed in the studios at OKW (never needed anything bigger), but I just wanted to say what a wonderful resort it is. We probably won’t stay elsewhere now. I have been several times and there is just not a better place to relax after a long day in the parks. The resort is beautiful and the staff are friendly and helpful. The rooms are a great size. Plenty of space for whatever we had and aquired along the trip. I am getting so relaxed thinking about my upcoming trip there that I may actually need a nap now!!! :tongue: :wub: