OK...we are hooked! Now what?


OK…we have been super busy, and haven’t been on in a while. But I just wanted to share how helpful this site was for our trip. We went the week after the 4th of July and had a BLAST. Now here comes the issue, we are already ready to go back…lol. We had been talking about every other year, but we both can’t resist going again next year. My Mom and Dad are in this time too. They were a little jealous from all the stories we told after the last trip. I think we are looking at early summer, and probably staying at ASMo again, because the kids loved staying at the “Buzz Lightyear Hotel”.

I just wanted to thank everyone for their good advice last time, and let you know we are back looking at this site 3 times a day…Thanks.
And hopefully the picture of my DD and DS worked…


OMGosh, that is too cute. Where was that picture taken?
You caught the bug, I love it :smile:
Why don’t you write a trip report. You know how we all like to read those


I will do a trip report, I will start it this week. The pic was taken in the Pixar Studio area at HS. Here is another pic…My dd hugged every single character like she had known them forever…lol


Glad you had such a wonderful time!
Now you’re hooked like the rest of us.
Good luck.


The pictures are wonderful :smile: Keep them coming


Your kids are adorable. So glad you’re hooked!


Dopey, you talked me into it. First part of trip report is now posted in that section…


I’ve done my job :wink: and I saw your thread. Glad to see it…


Ace:heart:glad you are hooked… I love Disney world:wub:

your photos are grate,


Somehow I don’t think I’ll be able to talk my DD (age 20) and DS (18) into the same poses. :blush:


Your children are adorable!!! I have to go check out that area at DHS!!!


:wub: I love the pics! Thanks for sharing. I’m learning a lot from MB too. (Like where to take great pics the next time we go!)


im glad you had a great time hope your next trip is as good as this one was:heart:


now that you are hooked, you have to plan another trip… That is the way that you get sucked in… It happens to the best of us!


Just like a potatoe chip, you can’t just have one trip…

you have to have many.


OMIGOSH - your sweet kids just put a smile on my face!:happy: I’m so pleased that you had such a wonderful time!

Yes - you could say that most people here caught the same infection that you did. In 1993 we took our first trip (and I thought only trip to WDW - I had saved and saved and saved). Being from Canada I just couldn’t fathom this being a more than once in a lifetime vacation. By the time we got on the plane coming home we were planning our next holiday. In 2000 we bought into DVC and now I’ve lost count of how many trips we’ve had. Somehow we’ve always managed to get there - including driving 32 straight hours (I know the outskirts of St. Louis very well!:laugh:)


What adorable kids and great photos!- so glad to hear you’ve caught the bug! thats one bug none of us mind catching :slight_smile:
And annual trips can be done, just plan well and shop around for the best deals (consider an annual pass- great benefits including room discounts)-enjoy your planning!


I love that first pic so much!


Yup- I second what the other buzzers are saying! We were going to go once every few years … maybe! Every year? No way…
As you can see… every few years didn’t work! In fact, I have two other vacations “planned” in my mind to take but everytime I look at airline tickets, hotels ect… I say… “well, if I am going to pay that price, I might as well go to Disney”! So, I do…!
Warning- justification begins here
I mean really, where else in the world can you see all those countries for the price of a day at EPCOT? LOL!
You will never regret the memories you make spending time with your kids- especially at Disney.