OKW's washers?


Does anyone know if the washing machines at OKW use HE or regular detergent?

This time next Friday we will be 1/2 way to Disney World!!!:mickey: :smile: :mickey: :smile: :mickey: :smile:


Regular. They leave you one small box of Tide. You can always ask for more. The washers here are not the same as those in the other DVC - they are larger; side by side with full size dryer - I would guess that they are of a better quality than the stackables.


Ginger take some Purex 3-n-1 sheets. Less to pack, less the deal with once there and they do work.


Cyndi, I would love to but my DH tends to breakout in a rash if I use anything but Tide!?!
He is such a baby LOL!
Thank you llama, I will put regular Tide on my shopping list.
I wish Tide made those sheets like Purex!


I will be badgering you for information on OKW when you are back my lovely! We will be there next August…can’t wait! :biggrin: