Old Beach Club Lobby


I was browsing this morning and found a site that has pics of the Beach Club.
Probably MY favorite Disney resort… and we’ve stayed at a bunch of them over the last 30+ yrs.

To my surprise, they were pics of the OLD, original lobby… I love that lobby.

Beach Club Resort Photos at Walt Disney World

I’m not criticizing the “author.” In fact, I’m loving every minute of reminiscing.
I’ve even saved a Travel Channel show on the Beach Club with Samantha Brown. It’s the original Beach Club. Brings back great memories.
Does anyone recall when both the Beach Club and Yacht Club would have bands playing in the lobby. I think it was just summer, but it was fun.
I remember too when MGM, when it WAS MGM would have fireworks at nite that could be watched from the promenade in front of the Beach Club.
Oh well, back to work.



I love Allears too! I visit that site and look at pics all the time!


I have really got to broaden my horizons and stay at some other resorts.


Whats the new lobby look like?


I’m thinking the same thing because I didn’t see any difference from what I’ve seen since 2001 and those weren’t new pictures. Last time we were at the Beach was this past October.
The concierge lounge does look like it’s been redone though.


Is the lobby the only thing that changed? We are headed there in August and wanted to know if the rest of the pictures were a good representation.


I know they replaced some furniture, but I wasn’t seeing any big differences. We frequently stay over the holidays, so maybe we missed something as part of the “normal” decor.