Old Disney Photos


I was digging through my boxes of photos looking for unrealated pictures today when I stumbled across old pictures from when I was six years old at DL! I thought I would share them as a look back at DL and would love to see other peoples pictures from childhood!

I apologize for the quality of the pictures. My scanner has decided not to cooperate today so I just took pictures of the pictures to post!

Please share any old photos you have! :slight_smile:

This first picture is in front of the Swiss Family Treehouse, I think I was seven or eight at the time! (Which would make this 1987 or 1988)


This is from my senior year in high school. I’m eating at the Hungry Bear for the first time (it became my favorite after that). In the background is the Rivers of America and Tom Sawyer Island. (fall of 1997)

This is of an Oliver and Co. float before the movie came out. My caption that I wrote on the back of the picture says “New Disney carcketers.” Ya, I was a great speller!


This is my sister and I in front of the castle. She is about three or four and I’m about nine or ten at the time. Check out that awesome pink camera that I’m holding! :smiley: (1989 or 1990)

This is the same trip after I got my beloved Tigger, which I still have. My mom always called me Tigger because I bounced off the wall all the time…


This is in a Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers type play area. I remember it being set up along the walkway between Storybookland Canal Boats and IASW, but who knows…

And my favorite, this is right before my seventh birthday waiting to meet Brer Bear! (June of 1987)


These are so cool!!! :c)
Thanks for sharing!


What great pics, thanks for posting them!


Uh oh time to warm up the ole scanner. :pinch: I will have to drop by my parents house and raid their photo albums. :angel:


Great pics!! Thanks for sharing:)


aw how cute!!! :slight_smile:
Thanks for posting them!


Hey great pictures twist! Thanks for sharing them with us, it reminds me of back when I was a youngster, ahh those were great times. :smile:


Cool …thanks:smile:


Those are great pics! You look so cute!


Deja vu… without the spookybear of course. lol

(realizes very few will make sense of that) :pinch:

Great pics.


Great pics Twist!! Thanks for sharing them! :wub:


Oh…the 80’s…
very cute thanks for sharing!!


You are so brave for publicly sharing some of those - with that 80s fashion and all. Mine are all hidden away, never to be viewed by others. :ninja:

But very cute!


Weren’t you just wearing new kids on the block earings last week? :tongue:


Ahem… NKOTB is completely different! They’re cool… stirrup pants and french rolls on the other hand… notsocool. :ninja:



Do you mean to tell me that you didn’t :heart: love :heart: my pink and yellow coat and rolled up jeans? lol

I don’t see it as brave to post them as I don’t wear my 80’s gear anymore (well most of the time anyway)!

And I loved those NKOTB earrings…I’m quite jealous of them actually!


I have pictures from WDW from when I was about 4 yrs old. That would be 1976. It is funny to see how my grandparents are dressed. Especially my grandmother. She was wearing a skirt, blouse, and heels that looked like office attire. I had these long ponytails, and outfits that looked like I was on the Brady Bunch. Too funny!