Old Key West 2 bedroom Villas


Hi all! We are staying at OKW as DVC members for the first time this September and I was wondering if someone could tell me… do we have our own vaccume in our villa? I realize this sounds like a crazy question, why would I want to vacume on vacation, but actually I was thinking about purchasing those space saver bags described in another thread, and I was wondering about the packing to go home. Does anyone know the answer to this strange question?


There was a vacuum in our studio at Saratoga…I am almost positive there would be one in a 2-bedroom since you are expected to do your own housekeeping. It was an upright, though. I am not sure if it had the hose attachment.


Yes, there should be one in the villa. If there is not for some reason, just call housekeeping, they will bring one for you.


Hey Nokey - we’ll be staying in a 2-bedroom at OKW this September too!


Hey Nokey - the bags about which I wrote do not require a vacuum. You just roll them up. The air escapes through a one way valve.


Great LLama, when? Have you ever stayed before?

Boss, thanks that helps so very much. You got them at Staples right?