Old Key West Next January


We finally received our confirmation from Interval Intl. (exchange company) for a week (Jan 8-15, 2005) at Old Key West Resort. It will be a one-bedroom apartment, full kitchen, king size bed in main bedroom and sofa bed in living room.

My wife and I are very excited (we haven’t told our children…it will be a surprise!!! :ohmy: ) Our only experience at a Disney resort was 2 nights at Animal Kingdom Lodge about 2 years ago.

Need ALL the information I can get about this resort: how is transportation, are the rooms comfortable, is the sofa bed big enough for our 2 children (14 & 11) and if not, is there a way to get an additional bed (a sleeping bag might not be an acceptable option for more than a couple of nights :blink: ), how is the restaurant (Olivia’s), etc. Since this is an exchange, I don’t think we will have much of a say about room location, but given the opportunity, what would be a good choice?

I might come up with more specific questions later on. Would appreciate any help with these questions.



First of all, congratulations on snagging Disney through Interval. There’s a definite art to it! We’ve stayed at OKW, through Interval for the last five years. In our opinion it is absolutely the best resort in WDW. Here is the lowdown: It was the first condo-style resort Disney built and the suites are by far the best. You’ll love the l bedroom. It is HUGE. The sofa bed is a queen and if your kids don’t object to sleeping together, you won’t need a sleeping bag. The kitchen is fully equipped and there are french doors to the patio (also french doors off the bedroom), and you get either water views or golf course views. (The resort is build around a golf course). The bathroom is divided into two rooms. Large whirlpool tub and sink in one room. Shower, sink and toilet in another. Laundry room with washer and dryer. Some people complain that OKW doesn’t have as much Disney themeing as other resorts. This may be true, but we actually enjoy a break from the parks and the resort is set up as a nice little laid-back village. Olivia’s serves very good “comfort style” food, and they used to have a character breakfast one morning a week. (Don’t know if they still have this). There is a store for provisions and I believe that the main pool is now being refurbished, adding a water slide. There are other quiet pools scattered around the property. The bus service is no worse than any other resort. You always seem to be near a bus stop, and you can take the water taxi to Downtown Disney. This is OKW’s personal water taxi, and it isn’t shared with any other resorts, so it’s much faster than the others. We have never had a problem with Interval reservations. I’m picky about locations and they’ve always given us great suites. The three first buildings on “Old Turtle Pond Road” are particularly good. You’ve made a great choice. We are also DVC members and have had the opportunity of staying at all the resort suites, but we always come back to OKW. To us, it is perfection.


Congrats! OKW is our home resort, and we love it. I have seen OKW come up through interval once or twice, but not very often. I am sure you will enjoy it. Here are some great pictures of the resort. There is a link to a one bedroom unit up at the top:

OKW Photos


Llama, thank you for such a detailed description of the resort. It sure sounds like it’s gonna be better than we can even imagine. The only down side to all this is…we still have to wait 5 months!!! :eek:

Mickey, those pics are great. I told my wife about OKW last night and she went like “Let me see pictures…I wanna see pictures!!!”…and all I could show her were microscopical pictures I found at other websites…ja…wait until she comes back from work this afternoon!!!

Thanks again!


OK I feel out of the loop: What is Interval??

About wondering if the sofa bed is big enough for your two kids I would imagine that it would be. I am only 15 (16 in September) and you would be surprised how close a squeeze us teens will go through if there is a big positive on the other side. I imagine that it is a queen bed so that should be plenty big.

OKW is a beautiful resort and ALL Disney transportation is wonderful, so no worries there.


DisneyGuy, Interval is an exchange company. It works pretty much like this, you buy a week at a timeshare resort or points (like on a Disney’s DVC resort), deposit them with Interval and exchange them for a vacation a different resort from the one you “own” your timeshare or points.

In my case, I own a week at a resort in Panama, I deposited the week with interval and requested a week at a Disney resort. That’s how we ended up getting our week at OKW…

Somebody else suggested that we might use cushions from love seat to make a bed…that’s another option. I’m sure the kids won’t mind squeezing in a little bit…after all, we’ll be at Disney for a whole week.


Welcome to DC!! Glad to have you here!

We have stayed at OKW a couple of times (it is our home resort) and we always stay in a studio, which is large enought for the 4 of us (2 adults, 2 kids, ages 8 & 4) There are two queen beds in a studio, so there is plenty of room for our kids to sleep together (and they haven’t complained about it yet!)

To describe OKW, don’t think of a tradional resort or hotel. It is set up like a small town. There are streets with many buildings on each street. Looks much like condos or apartment buildings. All of this is built around tennis courts, a golf course, and many many pools. Most of the buildings don’t have elevators, so keep that in mind just in case you want to put in a request for a first floor room.

The restaurant (Olivia’s) and General Store are all a ways away from most villas. The only reason we went over there was to check in and to pick up packages that we had shipped back to the resort from the parks. Olivia’s seems really expensive for what you get, so we prefer to eat in the parks where all the action is.

OKW is a very relaxing resort. At night (after midnight) you can hear the bullfrogs singing a tune from the many ponds around the golf course. There are also fountains in the ponds which add a nice touch.

Here is a link to the floor plan for a one bedroom: http://www.wdisneyw.co.uk/okwroom.html It shows it as a one bedroom/two bedroom. The “second bedroom” is actually a studio accomidation outlined in dark black…that will give you an idea of the accomidations anyway.

Here is a link to photos of rooms, the resort, and pools. http://www.allearsnet.com/acc/g_okw.htm


Welcome to DC! I have never stayed at AKW (im not a DVC) and am jelous after seeing those pictures from mickey’s link…lol It’s beautiful. I can’t wait to hear how your surprise unfolds. A queen pull-out is big enough for two kiddos. They won’t be squished. :flowers:


I think you will love OKW - we stayed there several years ago when it was simply known as Disney Vacation Club. We are not DVC members, but rooms are left available for non-DVC folks. Our kids were 13 and 9 at the time and there was plenty of roomo. We had a layout similar to the one you described. The restaurant was very good - they had a character breakfast. We liked being able to prepare some of the meals there and get food ready to take with us each day as well. The kids also liked the main pool. We found the bus transportation very good - we never had to wait long. Good luck, have a great vacation – and welcome to DC!


This just gets better by the minute. Now I’m really convinced that we will had the time of our lives at OKW. I’ve checked the websited provided BDavis, most reviews were positive and provided little tips to keep in mind.

I’m not very good at keeping secrets but will do my best…my daughter is already very suspicious about this…


Old Key West, the best vacation home away from homes around. Had a two bedroom villa last December. It was the best, big beautiful rooms and a large balcony on the golf course. If felt just like my own home…wanted to stay forever. The sleep sofa was a queen size and was the beds in the guest bedroom. The master bedroom had one king size bed, jacuzzi, etc. Everything you could want in a home…just loved it. Staying in October at the Beach Club Villas, rooms are much smaller, though.

Old Key West was the first vacation club resort, so everything was made bigger, now they do all the rooms on the other vacation club resorts muct smaller. Have a great time…


Thanks painted lady1. I have since my last post here received an email from Interval with more detailed information on this resort. I’ll probably buy an air mattress for my son to use, so they’ll be more comfortable.

Since I haven’t told my kids about us staying at OKW, I came up with the following plan. We’ll check out from our off-site resort on Sat morning, then we’ll go to Downtown Disney for lunch, but, before we do I’ll “remember” that I left something at the resort so I’ll leave the kids with my wife at DDisney (she knows!) and drive to OKW to check in and then will take the boat back to DDisney. After lunch, at around 4pm, I’ll suggest that we go for a ride on one of the boats and when we are about to dock at OKW we’ll tell them THAT’s where we are staying…how do you like my plan?