Old key west villa question


we are staying in a 1 bedroom villa when we go next year and we have just been looking on you tube at a newly renovated room and It shows one bedroom with a queen bed by the looks of things and in in the living room it shows 2 sofas ( one being 3 seater and the other a 2 seater ) and a large chair that they said opens into a twin bed?! Now can anyone shed some light on this for me and tell me if that is the only pull ou bed or does say the 2 seater pull out too?
There is myself, DH who have the main room but my DD and MIL also who are happy sharing but by the looks of things there is no way I can see them fitting in that small chair! EEEK…can someone please help and clarify for me the deal with this room.

Thanks xx


Can’t help Poll, but good job you researched this early enough to put right if your concerns are confirmed. It sounds like just the chair converts from what you said? lets hope the sofa does too otherwise get on the phone and get the ressie changed? xx


I stayed in a two bedroom awhile back and the 3 seater couch pulled out to a bed and the two seater didn’t. Not sure about the chairs. OKW has had serious renovation since my last stay and I am not positive what is in those rooms now. Sorry I couldnt be more help.


Hi Polly!

I can answer your question. We stayed in a refurb one bedroom last trip (and they have done a great job on the refurb). The bed in the bedroom is a king - and a very comfortable one. In the living room, the larger couch opens to a queen-size and they have changed the mattresses, so it’s much more comfortable. The large chair opens to a twin size. We didn’t use it, so I can’t say how comfy it was. In the one bedroom you will also have washer/dryer in a large laundry room, two flat screen tvs, a whirlpool bath and a fully equipped kitchen.


Oh Janice, thank you so so much! I am at ease now with our ressie after reading your post. I hate thinking ive done the wrong thing but now I know for sure that it’s going to be perfect. Thanks my friend. xx


We stayed there in October…the one bedroom is amazing and it is exactly what Ilama said the couch is a big queen with a great matress. We booked this last minute and we were shocked at how big the place was. The kitchen is amazing and the porch is huge.


We have stayed at OKW (it is our home) many times and LOVE :wub: the 1 bedroom units. You will have plenty of room for your party. You will be surprised how big the units are compared to other 1 bedrooms. Let your DD search for the tv in the living area. My DDs thought it was hysterical when they found it:laugh: