Old Key West?


Hi all!

We are going to be renting points and staying at Old Key West this August!!

Very exciting!!!

Anyways, I would love to hear anything you have to say about the resort.

It looks to me like the kind of place you could hang out at for a week even if there weren’t any parks to go to.



There are a couple threads about OKW you may want to check out…




I would love to stay at this resort someday, it looks so beautiful!


My Mom loves this resort. She has always wanted to stay there and says after walking through it she loves that the balconies overooked the golf course. Commented that it has a great “Old Key West” feel to it. You’ll have to tell all of us about it when you come home!


It seems like eveyrone who stays there loves it, and I have also heard great things about their pancakes…


We stayed there for Star Wars Weekend in 2005. It was one of my favorite resorts (so far!!), even though we paid through the nose for it. (Last minute trip- resort choices when I called were OKW @ $300/night or studio at BC for $1300! You see how that worked out…)
Resort was WONDERFUL!! So spacious & clean & well laid out! It was better than my house (But really what Disney resort isn’t!). We had a jacuzzi tub, full size washer/dryer & refrigerator, plantation blinds, deck with patio furniture, beautiful big round kitchen table. It was sooooo great!! Loved the Mickey sand castle slide & the SAUNA in the lighthouse!! We didn’t even mind 2nd floor room & lack of elevator b/c we were only in for weekend & not much luggage!! Absolutely LOVED this one!!!, but were set up for quite a disappointment when our next resort was Saratoga Springs (which would have been great, EXCEPT we’d just stayed at OKW which I liked better of the 2!) Room size is PHENOMINAL at OKW also. IT IS A HUGE SPACE!! ENJOY!!!


Yeah I have to agree to the SSR comment. I wasn’t sold on that. Maybe it is b/c I’m from New England and see that everywhere I turn. But then I think about the YC & BC and know I would love them. ???


I have to say lately there seems to be a lot of OKW love. Or maybe it’s because my upcoming trip is there and I am super excited about it because not only am I going to Disney but renting points has got to be the cheapest way to do Disney in my opinion! Anyways–I have heard nothing but good things and the only bad things I have heard (very big, rooms can be far from hospitality house etc) are expected everywhere on property. I’ll let ya know in less than 3 months how it goes!!


I’ve only stayed at Old Key West once, during Girl Trip last August and I really liked it. The grounds are extremely lush, and the rooms are BIG! I really loved the bathrooms in the studio. They were bigger than any other DVC studio I’ve stayed in. The store & grocery section is big & I really like the pool. The main pool didn’t seem as big to me as other DVC resorts but it’s fun! We didn’t eat at Olivia’s but the menu on Allears looks good. I also loved that there was a boat that went to DtD, so convenient!

It’s a big resort, especially if you didn’t have a rental car but the bus stops are pretty close to every building it seems & I always noticed buses coming and going.


I loved OKW when i stayed there in 06. So much so that I am heading back there this august. It’s big …very big, but so nice there. You could easily stay at the resort and have a great time without ever going to the parks.


Thanks for all the info everyone.

Do you think a rental car is a good idea on this property?


I have stayed at OKW a few times and LOVED it! I would stay there everytime I went, but DH made me stay at Pop Century last trip and DD fell in love with it there. It is funner for kids, but OKW is so me. I lose though and will be staying at PC again this year. :dry:
I found the buses to be very good at OKW so I am not sure you need to rent a car, but that would be up to you. If you want to not have to wait at all I say go for a car. The resort is large, but beautiful. The CM’s are friendly and the rooms are large and nice. Did I mention that I love OKW and wish I was staying here instead of PC again this Nov.?!?!


I’ve never stayed here either, can’t wait to hear what you think.


We have stayed at OKW twice now and we do love it. The rooms are large which is very nice. I still love our home resort at SSR and will be staying there again in October, 2008 and we are very excited to be going to BCV’s soon, but I think you will be very happy at OKW.