Old key west


Are there studios at OKW villas? I am in the process of booking there and they are telling me there isn’t. She says that there are only 1, 2, or 3 bedroom villas. I want a 1 bedroom but of afraid that I am getting a studio.


There are studios,1, 2, and 3 bedrooms at OKW.


Could it be that they’re just telling you what is available?? I know they have studios…we’ve stayed in them many times.


That is what I was afraid of. I am going to call back tomorrow and verify my reservation is for a 1 bedroom. The lady was almost agruing with me that OKW did not have studios. I thought they did because I had just checked availablity online and it showed both a studio and 1 bedroom. After being on the phone with her over an hour, I sure hope that it is correct.


Whoa, was this a Disney CM? I know OKW has studios…


When are you trying to go?


We will be at disney July18-26. We were staying at Pop but I wanted to upgrade resorts. So now we are at Pop 18-21, then at OKW 21-26. I just checked prices online and it looks as if we do have a studio. :angry: What makes it worse is she said she checked with one of her supervisors.


I’d call back and check. I bet you get new info with a different CM. I hope they have what you want. The studios are nice…2 queen sized beds, but not a separate sleep area in case you need to put kids to bed early and want to stay up.


I was able to pull up my reservation online and it clearly states studio. Does anyone know what time customer service opens on Sundays?


The hours are the same every day so CRO should open at 7 am Florida time. I hope you get your problem fixed.


Thank y’all for the help. I have emailed customer service and I will wake up early and call tomorrow.

I do have another question. Seems MB can answer questions better that disney itself. Is there internet connects in the rooms at OKW. If not is there in the lobby?


They definitely have studio’s. We stayed in one 2 years ago. Maybe they just didn’t have any available when you called.


Yes, there are studios at all the DVC resorts. You need to call and speak to a supervisor and let them know what happened.


Internet hook-up has been in the planning for the DVC properties - however I’m not sure of the dates… You could call the resort directly and ask.


I was able to change my reservation this am to a 1 bedroom. The CM that help me said the one last night was newer. I checked on the available of internet in the room and she said all rooms at disney have it. I so glad thinks what smoothly this morning.


You won’t be sorry you got the 1 bedroom.:happy: Glad it all worked out for you!


I am so happy they were able to fix it for you and all is well. You are going to love that resort. I am staying there for the second time in august. The place makes you feel like you are at a second home…just inviting and relaxing. Every single person that works there is exactly what a CM should be…love that resort. My only complaints are the VERY limited options at their counter service place and the sheer size of that place is very intimidating. Do look at the resort map and have at least three building requests in mind and try to get something close to the main buidlings and main pool. I have anything in the 60’s, buildings 11-16 and maybe 22 or 23…


Studios are the least expensive points wise so they tend to go faster. There are definately studios there but they are most likely booked.

You can book the 1 bedroom and then wait list a studio. Gut feel is that there are LOTS of people waitlisting AKV and as more units open…

Although the 1 br are slightly more expensive, the extra room is VERY NICE!


We stayed at OKW 2 years ago-great place!! They do have internet access as you stated but it is $10 per 24 hour period!!:ohmy:


WDW is suppose to be offering free internet access at the DVC properties - it was suppose to kick in in March, I THINK - but haven’t heard anything about it.