Old news or new news?


DMR’s are not going to be available any more starting July 2011???:frown:

this is a quote I seen on FB:
As you’ll see in our Terms and Conditions, right now the last date to earn points is July 31, 2011, and that the final date to redeem a reward is Aug. 31, 2011. But those Terms and Conditions also note that the dates are subject to change, so I encourage you to check them for the most current date.

Why would they do this??:frown:


What’s a DMR?


could it be something to do with the rewards you earn on your Disney Credit Card? I dont have one so i dont know what they are called…i just use my moms!!:laugh:


oops sorry, disney movie rewards points


I was saving my DMR’s with hopes of getting 1 share of stock, but I don’t think they offer that any more. Not sure what I’ll get now.


Ah-ha! Something I know nothing about. :laugh: