Old No-Expiration Tickets


We purchased No-Expiration tickets for our 2005 and have one more day of Waterpark admission to use. We used one of the days for Typhoon Lagoon back in 2005, but would like to use the remaining day for the same park this trip. We can’t tell from the language on the back of the park if it allows for us to use the admission for the same park twice, or if we have to choose Blizzard Beach instead. Has anyone else ever been in this situation before? TIA.


You can use the water park and more option anywhere you wish.
That means if you bought 3 “mores”, you could use all three at Disney Quest or all three at Typhus, I mean Typhoid, I mean Tycoon, I mean Typhoon Lagoon.
We have some old park hopper pluses that still have two options on them, and I always take them with us. Just in case.


Thanks so much for getting back to me. That is a relief, as my DD really wants to go to Typhoon Lagoon. I appreciate your help, Soundgod :slight_smile:


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I have a similar situation. We have a few waterpark days left on our no-expiration tickets from 2005 as well. Has anyone tried using older tickets with the new magic+ system? Will I have to exchange it for a new RF ticket? Thanks!


Chiming in to agree - yes you may use them at which ever “water park and more” option you would like.