Old or new rumor?


is this an old or a new rumor?
has anyone see this yet?
i really hope they put that new mermaid ride in, that looked really cool on the LITTLE MERMAID DVD



There are a few threads about this floating around here somewhere!


Check the WDW section of the forums, there is a thread about this topic already going on and Im sure you will find all of the info needed there. As for the Little Mermaid Attraction, Disney’s California Adventure is getting it, its under construction right now, as of now Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is planned to get a cloned version of the one we have here out here at Disneyland Resort. Same story with how Hollywood Studios got a cloned version of California Adventures Toy Story Midway Mania (its known as Toy Story Mania in Disney World).


That is so cool! My daughter would LOVE it! Thanks for the info :slight_smile:


I am liking part of it, i just wish they would have more boyish stuff to do, the princess’ are all over the park just about…


I think their trying to get more ‘boyish’ things into the parks, like the Pirate thing thats alot like BBB, and the pirate an princess parties etc. The likes o the Princess’ are just so immensly HUGE, thats why they do so much with them