Old Time Disney - Live Action Movies


In reading another post about a remake of an old live action classic, The Shaggy Dog, it got me thinking about all of those treasured movies I saw as a youngster. It’s funny when I try to explain to my kids that we didn’t have videos and couldn’t see movies or shows whenever we wanted. They just can’t grasp not having Disney at a moments wish.
I have made it a point to show my kids the old Disney live action movies so they get a real feel for what Disney was like and that there is more to Disney than animation. My oldest (9) is always trying to see what attraction at the parks is associated with what movie. She was amazed when she finally saw the Swiss Family Robinson movie and could associate it with the Tree House in AdventureLand.
You know it really is amazing how many movies there are. On Saturday mornings the Hallmark channel shows allot of these movies. Another good place to get these is to rent them from the library. Here are a few that we have seen recently:

The Parent Trap
The Shaggy Dog
The Shaggy DA
The Ugly Dachshund (sp)
The Cat from outer Space
That Darn Cat
Old Yeller
The Apple Dumpling Gang
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
The Swiss Family Robinson
Davey Crockett

I could go on and on but I think you get my drift.


And Escape from/Return to Witch Mountain. :cool: