Old WDW Song


I am looking for an old song that used to be played on the WDW railroad. I’m not sure when it stopped being played but was used for sure in 1992.

My dad, who is NOT a silly songs kinda guy, used to always sing this song when I was young. I don’t know what it is called. . But, I do know it went something like this:

'We’re on our way down to Mickeys House. Gonna see a famous mouse. We’re movin and movin upon the express. Movin on the WDW express."

I would love to burn it on a CD to listen to on our upcoming trip. Thanks for any help!


I don’t remember it, but have you tried searching youtube? You’ll find the most random things on there!


I was given some cds that have old Disney songs on them, let me see if it is on one of them