OMG! DDP Free to VISA card holders!


OMG! I was just on Mousesavers and seen FREE DDP for visa holder. Sorry…I’m on my cell phone internet and don’t know how to copy and paste but since this is out for card holders I’m SURE it will be out soon for the general public!


Here ya go, to all who are interested:

Disney Rewards Visa FREE Dining Package Offer
Disney Rewards Visa cardholders can get FREE dining when you book a full price Walt Disney World vacation package for check-ins most nights 8/16/09-10/3/09. To qualify, you must use your Disney Rewards Visa card to reserve and pay for a vacation package that includes at least 3 consecutive hotel nights at an official Walt Disney World resort, plus at least a one-day theme park ticket.

If you don’t have a Disney Rewards Visa card, an identical offer is expected for the general public on 3/30/09 – check back on that date for details.

With this offer, you basically get the Magic Your Way Plus Dining package for the price of a regular Magic Your Way package. To qualify, you must purchase a regularly priced Magic Your Way package consisting of at least a 3-night stay at an official Walt Disney World resort hotel, PLUS at least a 1-day Magic Your Way Base Ticket.

This deal saves a family of four (2 adults, two kids ages 3-9) $101.96 per day – the cost of adding the regular Dining Plan to a basic vacation package.

If you want, you can upgrade to the Deluxe Dining Plan for just $32 per adult per night and $10 per child age 3-9 per night. (This represents the usual price difference between the regular Dining Plan and the Deluxe Dining Plan.) The Deluxe Dining Plan includes three meals a day at your choice of table service or counter service locations. You get an appetizer with your table service meals on the Deluxe Dining Plan. The Deluxe Dining Plan also includes two snacks per day and one refillable mug per person. You can eat like royalty!

You can also add the “Wine & Dine” Plan to this package, at full price.

Some important advice if you book a “FREE Dining” package:

Be sure to set up Advance Dining Reservations as soon as possible. In past years all of the table service restaurants have been completely full during the “FREE Dining” promotion period. It was almost impossible to get a table for a full-service meal on a walk-up basis. To ensure that you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the Dining Plan, you really need to pre-reserve every single table service meal during your stay.

Consider buying trip insurance, because you will be traveling during peak hurricane season. Hurricanes don’t often pass through Orlando, which is far inland, but it does happen: Orlando was hit in 2004 and 2005. Also, hurricanes can seriously impact air travel plans.

You must book this offer by 6/21/09. The number of packages available is limited. Suites are excluded from this offer. No group rates or other discounts apply.

Thanks to Small World Vacations for info.

To book the Disney Rewards Visa FREE Dining Package Offer, please contact Small World Vacations and request the appropriate code: Magic Your Way with regular Dining Plan RYI; Magic Your Way with Deluxe Dining EEV; Magic Your Way with Deluxe Dining and Wine & Dine Package UXQ.


Thanks so much for the link…my stupid PDA…can’t figure it out! :laugh: I’m off to book right now so on Monday I can call back and add the free code! I’m super excited right now!


You’re welcome, I just wish I could book a trip myself.


This is going to sound crazy but since they cut overtime at my job I decided I needed to make some extra money so I decided to open a little candy shop out of my desk. I work in collections so we have at least 40 people in our department. I sell bottle water soda OJ candy and snacks. I invested only $50 at BJs wholesale and in 3 days I’ve already made $200 so there is my deposit :laugh:


This still isn’t a better deal than the Buy 4 Get 3 Free deal and adding the Dining Plan on top, right?


Right. But, the dates for these 2 offers don’t overlap so it’s not like you have to choose the better deal. Just pick your dates and you get the corresponding deal.


I just called and got the free dining plan applied to my confirmed reservation! The promo codes, in case you need them are EEV for the Deluxe Plan (which we did and are so excited) and RYI for the Magic Your Way Dining plan or the basic one… It reduced my cost by $700, can you guys tell I am pumped!

I also have called three times to make sure about DDR being 90 days in advance. If you are traveling in September, you have to call sometime in June to make your dining reservations. It’s 90 days from the date of your arrival.

9/18/09 - All Star Movies - Here we come!


Thanks for the info!


SkourasFam We will be there with you. Just Booked this morning 9/19/09 - 10/1/09 at All Star Movies


that’s great! it’s also great you work at a place where they will let you sell candy out of your desk!:laugh: