OMG~ Im all booked and ready to go!


Hello all! Im super super excited!!! I just got off the phone with Disney and Im all booked for My surprise birthday trip with Madison who will turn 8 on the trip. I called and wanted to book the free dining and she said to call back on Monday to add the code. She said on Monday it will be avail for EVERYONE:biggrin:
So here are our details~

Me~ (Kate29)
Madison (my little Disney buddy who will turn 8 on trip)
POP Century 50’s building request
Sept 12th to Sept 20th(will probally call & book the 11th IF the limo guy can take us, I have a $100 certificate I won at a bridal show and my husband said he would pay the rest because its cheaper than leaving my car there :grin:)
We got a 8 day ticket and WILL be getting MNSSHP tickets May 1st!!!

Now… To not have a panic attack now till Monday when the free code comes out:blush:

So I cant wait to book the ADR’s. We have to choose 8 places.
Im thinking of in no order
1900 park fare
Ohana’s breakfast ( I :heart: Stitch )
Ohana’s dinner ( I :heart: the guy who sings )
CRT for bday lunch???
Crystal palace for dinner (I :heart: the beet salad:blush:)

Now I need to think of more or perhaps different options. Does anyone have any ideas???

Thanks all for reading. Now time to go to work so I can pay for this:laugh:


Congratulations! I just got off the phone also. I booked at Old Key West with a wait-list at Boardwalk. I needed two studios and could get one at Beach Club but couldn’t get the other for the first night. We don’t want to have to do ANY moving around, so I opted to go to Old Key West (which we love.) If Boardwalk opens up, great, if not, well, that’s fine too. Just want to go home!!!


Thats awesome! Congrats! Ive always had the same problem with DVC. One resort open for x amount of days then nothing for the whole stay.
For Christmas we had to move to 3 different rooms in a 10 day pd but I guess we were in Disney right:blush:


have a great trip!


Thanks… I want to leave today… I actually just got my suitcase down from the attic. I know I need to call Dr. Phil for help:laugh:


congrats!! we will be leaving Disney the day you are arriving. we too are going to try 1900 Park Fare, we have never tried it and have heard great things…cant wait! we are also going to try Tutto Italia (Italy at Epcot) and Akershus (Princess Storybook Character Dining in Norway at Epcot). the other places we have chosen are old favorites: LeCellier, HDDR, & LTT. just wanted to give you some ideas on other restaurants to eat at. cant wait til September!!! :wink:


Yay! I’m waiting to hear back from DH to see if we can book. :mickey:


I love 1900 pare fare the characters are great! I’ve never tried LTT. Maybe I will look into that


[QUOTE=TaraRae82;947664]Yay! I’m waiting to hear back from DH to see if we can book. :mickey:[/QUOTE] My Husband couldn’t wait to get me out of the house so she can go fishing in peace. :laugh: He is taking our oldest (who dislikes disney) on a dolphin cruise


Sounds like it’s the day for booking!!! I booked this morning 7 days, 6 nights at The Beach Club for August 19th to the 25th!!! It’s for my daughter’s 16th birthday…Every year we seemed to go right around Kyle’s birthday but this year we waited until it was her’s this time around…

So now comes the sit down and figure out what and where we are going to make ADR’s… I’m taking the whole “book” the first possible chance seriously to heart…I have some have to’s such as 1900 Park Fare, Crystal Palace and Cape May and this year we are taking in The Brown Derby…

We are so excited!!! Like most, I’m already to go like yesturday!


I am so excited for you! I am going from Sept 11-19 so I will call tonight to book the room and then call on Monday and add the free dining. This will be my 8yr old daughters first trip and I want to make it the best that I can for her. OK, this is a lame question but what is the number I call to make a reservation for POP Century? I am in Canada so I don’t know if I need a different number. Also, what info do I have to give them? I will have a CC to give them but I only have to give a deposit now right? I can’t wait for her to go to sleep tonight so I can call them. Oh wait, are they open 24 hours a day? Man, I have so many questions I should start my own thread where I beg for help LOL



There will be a lot of MB’ers there over that time in Sept. Our potential dates are Sept 16-24 (maybe 23rd). I haven’t heard from DH yet so that’s good…it’s not an immediate “no”. :laugh:


I am so pleased for you! everything looks great for your plans too.


I just called and changed it to Sept 11 checking in so Im excited about adding another night. Now… I need to figure out how to get 10 days worth of stuff into 2 carryons…