OMG! I'm Going The Week Before Christmas For The First Time!


Any recommendations of things I shouldn’t miss? The giant tree, and the parade, I know. Anyone know when they tape the Christmas parade that airs on Christmas morning???


Everywhere you turn, there’s something not to be missed. Just look at the lobby of any of the resorts. They are beautifully decorated with gorgeous trees and other things.

The parks have great decorations. I would try and go to MVMCP. That, I think, is something not to be missed :closedeye


Last time we went at the end of November, they were taping the parade. We didn’t know it and went to MK the day of the taping. What a zoo and we will never do that again. There were so many people and they had Main Street closed for the taping. We had to get down Main Street through all the shops. Silly me thought a lot of the happenings were actually random, however, they provide the t-shirts for the groups of 10+ people you always see on television. Everything is staged. They stop and start the taping so many times it is ridiculous. We tried to watch some of it, but we got so bored with the stopping and starting that we didn’t bother after a few minutes. We did get to pass by Kelly and Regis. We saw Kronk, Raven and a few other celebrities. It was interesting, but once is enough for me.


Things not to miss in My opinion:

Magic Kingdom:
Spectro Magic parade
All three mountains (space, splash and big thunder mountain)
haunted mansion
peter pan
winnie the pooh
A meal in the castle at 8am

Hollywood Studios:
Rocking Roller coaster
Tower of terror
toy story mania
Little mermaid
Muppets 3-d

Mission Space
Test track
Living seas
ALL the countries…totally fun

Animal Kingdom:
Expedition everest
The animals trails
it’s tough to be a bug

Dowtown disney…spend a day or night shopping…it’s a blast.
Tour the monorail resorts. This is a fun day for me and my DD.

As for the parade, they do it the first week of December I think. Not positve, but I think that’s when it is.
Do get tickets for mickey’s Very merry xmas party…the private parties are a blast and more than worth the price of admission.


Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (hard ticket event at MK)
The Candlelight Processional at EPCOT
The tree lighting ceremony at EPCOT, put on by the Characters
The “Santas” around the world at EPCOT
The Osborne Festival of lights at DHS.
All of the lifesized Gingerbread Houses and Candy Displays at the resorts.


Dont miss the Osborne Family lights at Hollywood Studios. I loved it. It snowed in Florida!!! it was beautiful. My DH and i stayed there for over and hour just watching all the lights!


Christmas time is an AMAZING time to go to WDW! You are going to find special holiday magic everywhere but two of my FAVORITE holiday events are the Osborne Light display at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and MVMCP! If you can get tickets to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party while you are there do it, it’s SO much fun!


Ah DisneyMaverick…We live in Michigan too, and I had to giggle when I read your response. We went this past Christmas and one of the highlights of our trip was standing in the center of the street at the Osborne Family Light Spectacular with goofy grins on our faces as we caught soapy snowflakes falling from the sky listening to Bing’s White Christmas…Yes, we snowbirds travel all the way from Michigan only to go gah-gah over seeing flakes fall from the sky. Truly amazing! (It was the one thing my parents griped about missing - a white Christmas - and ta-dah - leave it to Disney to make everyone’s Christmas wish come true!!!)

Highlights for our Christmas - Osborne Family Lights (HS), Candlelight Processional (EPCOT), finding animals in the AK tree, and of course MK fireworks…


[B]I’m such a twit…I JUST realized that my wording in my thread was kind-of misleading… What I meant to say that this is my first visit during the holidays…:redface:

Let the flogging begin…LOL! :laugh:

Thanks for all your comments. I forgot about the gigantic gingerbread houses! I saw them building one on the Food Network, and it was AMAZING!!:happy:[/B]


[QUOTE=PopCenturyGirl;881691][B]I’m such a twit…I JUST realized that my wording in my thread was kind-of misleading… What I meant to say that this is my first visit during the holidays…:redface:


Oh, good…that’s what I thought you were saying! :laugh::laugh::laugh:


You’ll love WDW at Christmas. It’s the very best time to go IMO. The Osborne Family Lights are spectacular at DHS, and the Candlelight Processional at EPCOT, and MVMCP at MK. Make a ressie for a carriage ride either at WL or POR - I’d call at least a few days ahead of time. I believe they’re $30. If you have time, take a resort trip, and check out decorations at as many resorts as you can.


Your going what I think is the very best time to go to Disney as it is done up in all it’s Holiday splendor. If time permits you need to visit the Resorts like GFand AK as they seem to have the better decorations and a BIG must is to get to DHS for the Osborne Spectacle of dancing lights


Magic Kingdom, the gingerbread houses at the Grand Floridian, Mickey’s xmas party in MK…Oh, and this year they are taping the xmas parade the first “weekend” in December. Regis & Kelly Kipa will be set up in front of the castle.


omg…theres so much to do, and you dont even have to goto a park!! Go hotel hopping!! Im serious!! The hotels r decked out in there holiday best!!
But u will wanna see the park…the osborne lights are breathtaking!!!
MVMCP is soooooo much fun!!! Im going dec 14th to the party!! I can not wait!!!:mickey:


ohh yea the last report for the parade i heard was taping was dec 6th!


just have fun on your trip thats all


My brother is going at Christmas time. I am so jealous because it must be so beautiful. But it wouldn’t work for us because my kids need to be home on x-mas eve for Santa…but I leave 1 week from today! YIPEE!


I can not believe no one told them about my parade!

You must see me in the Animal Kingdom parade. I will keep you posted on which day we will participate.

Then there is the Boss Mouse at the Biergarten maybe Magic Moment.

You have picked a most awesome time to visit.