OMG! My wife just mentioned CRUISE!


ok, I whave been itching to go cruising for as long as I can remember. When my wife and I got engaged, I immediately started looking at honeymoon cruises but she put a quick stop to it and said NO!!! She is gravely afraid of drowning and has never wanted to cruise…but she just said she wouldn’t mine. Now, she didnt say she WANTED to but she wouldnt mind.

So, I ordered the Cruise Planning DVD. I want to go for 8-10 nights. I want to take my kids. Have any of you been? Where did you go? Impressions?


Cruising is great fun - you don’t even feel like you’re in the middle of the ocean half of the time.

That being said, you might want to start out with a shorter cruise so that your wife can get the feel of it if she still isn’t too confident about being in the middle of the ocean.

Where are you thinking about going? Do you definitely want to do Disney?

Most Caribbean cruises are 7 nights in length, and the shorter cruises range from 3-5 nights. The longer cruises departing from the US are typically transatlantic or holiday specials. We can usually find 8 and 9-night Caribbean cruises over Christmas (not Disney), but it’s a little more difficult during the summer. We’re considering some 10-night roundtrip Panama Canal cruises on Princess in December.

Over the summer, most cruiselines move to Europe. Disney has longer itineraries in Europe during the summer, but they are on the Wonder (I think - one of the smaller ships). If you want to cruise on the Dream or the Fantasy, right now you’re limited to the Caribbean. There is an 8-night cruise departing from NYC to the Bahamas this summer… but I think it’s almost sold out.

Another option is a back-to-back cruise. This is when you stay on the cruise ship for the next sailing when other passengers are disembarking. You can also get off the ship at Port Canaveral if you’d like. Of course, it’s best with the 7-night western/7-night eastern itineraries. I don’t think it would be very interesting to do a 3-night Bahama/5-night Bahama cruise…

Congrats on the opened option of cruising!!! They are ADDICTING, just like Disney!


we wAnt disney, just because of the age range of the kids…she does not want cold water cruises (the Titanic did her in). I want a 14 day cruise but a 3-4 night cruise with a couple of days in the world might be a great starter.

we both want european…but that is like $25k for all of us and airfare…that may be retirement cruise


A short try it out cruise is a great idea. My wife thought she’d be bored.

Now after a couple of months after we get back she starts to twitch when we see a crusise ad or hear of a friend cruising.

Right now I’d avoid Costa cruises. :eek:


Ha ha. They definitely are having problems. Big ones.


Pull up a web sight for cruise choices. It’s

They have great deals on cruises al over the world, but most originate from the US. I a amazed at how cheap some of the last miute prices are on some ships.

Also, check to see if you need a passport or just multiple forms of official picture id’s to get on and off the ship in ports and when you get back. I’d hate to not be able to get off the ship once it returns to the states. And grabbing a passport for everyone can get really expensive depending how big your group is. But you do have it for future trips.


Loved cruising,took the disney 4 night bahama cruise,in my humble opinion you can skip nassau,yes we got off the boat made it over to Atalantis that was fine but the rest of it should just stay on board and enjoy the amenities on board,the idea for a shorter cruise is good,see if you really like it,and cruising is not cheap we,got a family with veranda …but others like just a basic cabin …your choice good luck in making your decision…OH almost forgot disneys castaway cay is great fun …


Something to note about Atlantis - you can no longer just wander in the resort. Used to, you could take a water taxi over and walk around. However, now you have to have some sort of day pass or be a part of a cruise group to even enter the resort. I think tours to Atlantis start around $45-50/person… not worth it IMHO.

If you don’t have passports, then you need government-issued photo identification and your original birth certificate (which isn’t something most people like to travel with). I recommend going ahead and getting a passport. They’re good for 10 years for adults, 5 years (or maybe 7) for children - it’s the best and most widely accepted form of identification.


Well, I am looking at maybe a 3 or 4 night cruise. Our anniversary is Nov 20th…so maybe give it to her in a 1 and half or so as gift and go the week the kids are out for Thanksgiving Vacation.

I checked prices and some are fairly cheap, even the Disney cruises. What ou of pocket expenses are their…tips, my coffee habit, etc.


some lines charge for all drinks including soda and ice tea. Check with the reservations folks to find out what is actually OOP.


Disney includes soda.

On Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and Carnival (and I think Princess), you can buy a fountain soda card which will get you unlimited Coca Cola fountain drinks all week from bars and at dinner. It’s not very expensive - $6/day adults, $4/day kids on Royal and Celebrity. Carnival is close to that if not the same.

Norwegian has Pepsi products. Don’t know about their drink pass.


You’ve gotten a lot of good advice!

Here is another vote for I have literally lost count of the number of cruises we have taken with them. The 90 day ticker - if you are able to take advantage of it - offers amazing deals.

Assuming that you are going to put Disney on hold for now, I would recommend Norwegian, Princess, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity. Holland-America is a great line too (they have the BEST appetizers with drinks), but they do cater to an older crowd. Personally, we love Norwegian. It’s classy, yet casual and I love the dining options: (at least 5 to 7 restaurants). Princess does make the best martinis though…and, yeah, avoid Costa!:laugh:

I’d choose a 4 night cruise - I think that’s just about right for getting your “sea legs”. And reassure your wife that she will not drown. It’s pretty near impossible to fall overboard without some real effort on your own part or the part of someone else.:glare: If the budget allows, opt for a balcony room. I know many people say that their accomodations don’t matter to them, but we find that a balcony adds enjoyment. You can get away from crowds, yet still be outdoors.

And I agree - Nassau - not the greatest port…some of our favourites are Key West, Grand Cayman, St. John (nature’s paradise), Martinique (tres francais), and St. Lucia.


Of course I’m a big Disney fan, but I’d go for Disney 7 day carribean, western or eastern are great although some might like one set of ports over the other. Both stop at Castaway Cay which beats any other island stop hands down. is one of the best sites I’ve seen. You might try and tell them what you saw on Vacationstogo to see if they can top it. So far I’ve had a lot of luck with that. My next cruise is on the Fantasy 4/14/12.

I paid $2526,80 total for two, that’s $1263.40 apeice for a GTY cat 7A - least expensive veranda - I got a cat 5B on deck 8.

a GTY is a gaurentee that your cabin won’t be less than that cat, but you don’t get to choose which cabin you get. If something better is available you can end up with that one.

Best of luck and happy sailing.