OMG! OMG! OMG! DH is beginning to crack!


I can not believe this I am SOOOOOOO close to talking DH into DVC. He even had me call today to find out if OKW was available to buy. (He REALLY liked it there over Thanksgiving). Guess what, the very helpful guide said that OKW does have a wait list but they are getting people off the list fairly quickly. AND the price is $90/Point with minimum of 100 now. I called DH and gave him the information, expecting the whole “Not now” but I got, “You are right. If we are just going to keep going and renting, why shouldn’t we buy our own?” It wont be today but I have a good feeling that we may be DVC owners before our June 2012 trip. KEEP WISHING FOR ME!!


Wow!!! That’s great! I will keep my fingers crossed for you!


Wow! Good luck! Hope it works out for you!


That’s great! It took us years to buy in but we finally did and haven’t looked back.


Good luck and I hope it’s soon for you.


You sound SUPER excited! Are there any incentives right now? I’m happy for you.


Good luck!


Sooooo excited for you! I know what it feels like to make such a great decision to be DVCers.


this still confuses me. so that work out to does that have to be paid all at once… we are talking about doing a tour this trip


OOh, I am so excited for you!


You can pay it all at once or you can finance it either on your own or through DVC. Take the tour then take some time to visit some of the DVC properties on your own if you haven’t seen them.


Awesome! If you win this argument, you need to give me a booklet on how to win this same discussion.

We have had it over and over, and still aren’t owners.


When I got home last night we began the talks of the $ and how/when we wanted to purchase. If we don’t do it before June 2012 then we will definetly do it during the second half of the year 2012. SO unless some major surprise happens to us in the next year or so we will be DVC owners by Nov. 2012! I just hope life doesn’t throw us any curveballs.


[QUOTE=cjtownman;1084312]Awesome! If you win this argument, you need to give me a booklet on how to win this same discussion.

We have had it over and over, and still aren’t owners.[/QUOTE]

My DH really wanted to buy in also but wasn’t sure about the $$. We rented points for the first time in Nov. 2009, again Nov. 2010 and will be again Oct/Nov 2011. This has made us spoiled to the DVC way of life and he wants to be able to give this to our kids when we are too old to buy. Our current plan is start minimumally and add on later. Just crossing my fingers nothing changes before we sign on the dotted line.


Good luck. You’ll get to be one of the cool guys like us (DVC owners)… WE get a special treat every year. I can’t tell you yet.


Well Boss, you are so super super special, I think we should all send you that special treat we get from DVC.



SUPER excited for you! Keep us updated!!:happy:


That is wonderful. I have never been there, but have always wanted to because of the look of the resort when I have driven by. Maybe I will try to get points there.