OMG! She has Jury Duty!


:eek: Disneymom and I leave on our trip, we have been planning and keeping a secret for 14 months, on Saturday and her number was called for Jury Duty :pinch: !! What happens if she is selected? Can she get out of it? Oh I am sooo stressed about this!! She reports today. She does work for the Federal Gov. so we are hoping this will mean she will not be choosen :crying:

Anyone have experience with getting out of Jury Duty? :dry:


I would let them know she has plane tickets and a trip planned that she cannot change maybe they will postpone her Jury Duty


I don’t think that that would be a problem at all. The thing to do right away, no waiting, is to go to the courthouse and hand deliver a letter explaining all of that. They’ll let her off the hook this time.


She just needs to explain that she will be out of town on those dates but add that she would be willing to serve at another time,if needed.


Yeah, I would DEFINATELY get a letter to the courthouse like ASAP. She just has to explain that she has an out-of-state commitment planned and could lose all of the inventment she’s put toward that if she cancels it.

Gosh, good luck, what a terrible time to be called for it!!!


With non-refundable tickets or a trip that’s dependant on others where it can’t realistically be rescheduled, the court will allow her to reschedule.


They will absolutely take her off the list – just make it a priority to notify them quickly! Adn BTW, this is a No Stress Zone!!! LOL


Should the court have given you more advance notice? That is just crazy. I would think that if they only give people a few days notice they would have to be understanding with other plans.


E&B’s Mom is right. When I lived in Maryland, they gave us at least 2 weeks notice. I don’t think there will be a problem with getting out of it.


Just call or send a letter. They should reschedule you. Here in Illinios, you just call and they send you a notice again in 6 months.


yeah I think the court will let her off the hook one time. My dad had jury duty last year and they let a bunch of people off for various reasons, one being a holiday, so I hope it’s not a problem.


How did it go? Did disneymom get off? is the trip to Disney still on?


I hope that she was able to get off jury duty! What horrible timing! This happened to me when I got married in '98. We were getting married Oct 3rd and they wanted me to report Oct. 5th! I simply sent them a letter and told them I was getting married and would be out of the country. I got excused and still have not been placed back on the list.


I agree with what everyone in here said. Call immediately or go in person. Don’t send the letter in the mail. who knows how long that could take to get there. I always get out of jury duty. I am the dole provider for my DD and they don’t make me go…works in jersey anyway.


WOOHOO I did not get selected for the case. I got called back on a criminal child abuse case. I really was not looking forward to being on the jury. They did not select me for the final jury and I got dismissed.

I guess I did my civil service for a while! Now off to Disney!


Yay! That is good news!


I think the court will be willing to accept that she will be out of town during that duration. Just bring your paperwork for proof, no telling how many people falsify this type of excuse.


That’s good to hear there is no jury duty! Have a great time on your vacation!


yahoooooouooo, good news, enjoy your trip!


I am glad you were able to get out of it. have fun in Disney!!