OMG Upgrade!


We just arrived about 2 hours ago at Coronado Springs and they totally hosed up our reservations. So instead of 2 adjoining rooms with a king bed in 2 and 2 queens in the other we just were :ohmy:Supersized:ohmy: to an Executive Level Suite!:eek: I hate to sound like Jed Clampette getting his first look at a “cement pond”, but Oh wow! We have a 6 room suite with 2 sepatate bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a living room, foyer, a formal dining room with a 18 foot mahogony table, and a wet bar. We have 3 tvs and 3 fridges. I have a bunch of pix that i will upload later tonight. All i can say is “DANG!”.


Yay for you!!! Enjoy your upgraded digs!


WOW!!! That is awesome! I definetly want to see pictures.


Oh my that sounds wonderful, yes photos please and enjoy every minute.


Ya’ll come back now, hear!

I really want to see the pics as well.

Best upgrade we ever got was a set of free passes to Blizzard Beach the year that we showed up at the Y&BC only to find the pool closed. I think my youngest bursting into tears might have had something to do with that!



Looking forward to the pictures, Jed. Use that new-fangled picture-making box of yours.


That it AWESOME…enjoy the upgrade!!!


Very cool. Pictures please!


Sounds like you have extra space. I’ll be down in the morning with Cincy, Dopey, and DisneyTeacher.


That’s awesome. I didn’t know CRS had suites, learn something new every day.


Hanwill and her crew are coming too!!! That is so exciting… I cannot wait to see the pics- did not even know they had that.



Good going. I cannot wait to see. don’t forget to go to the parks :laugh:


Cool. Since I am coming from the north, I can pick you up :happy:


Hey, I can skip out on my DIL’s baby shower and bring all the food along. Anybody willing to drive by Philly? I’ll be the one with the blue lollypops that say “it’s a boy”.


Good for you! Enjoy the upgrade and I can’t wait to see the pictures.


:laugh::laugh::laugh: That was funny! Now I know why you are easily distrac…nevermind!


You’re in. Boss can sit in the back of the van.


This isnt a proper trip report posting but it does have some pictures of the suite. I didnt know this place had anything like this either.


Dang! Congrats to you!!


Here are more of the room and my first mate with a very green beverage.