OMG we are seeing the 3D!



OMG OMG OMG! :biggrin: :biggrin: The movie actually is closer than we thought. It is playing just 30 minutes away in Greenville! Originally no where in the upstate of SC was listed but it is there!!! I can’t believe we are going to see it Saturday at 10:50AM. I bought tickets at first time I’ve ever bought movie tickets online. I am just giddy. I know it may be silly to be so excited over a movie but DD is going to FLIP OUT!!!


That is awesome!!!
I am taking DD on Saturday. She loves HM, and I am excited to take her.


We are so excited because we honestly thought it wasn’t going to be playing anywhere near us. The original list of cities (when the tickets went on presale) did not have any where with in 2 hours of me listed. I guess Greenville got added later. So DD had already resigned herself to not going so when she finds out we are going she is going to literally scream!


I did hear that they added more shows due to the overwhelming sell out of like 1000 show times.


Congrats, I’m sure your DD will love it. For some reason, DD#1 hasn’t expressed an interest in seeing the movie which has surprised me. This may be one of those times where it’s a good thing her schedule is crazed, she doesn’t really have the time.


Yay! Have fun!


they extended it through the weekend, so we are surprising the girls and going on saturday at 11:50! i wasn’t going to spend that much $, but grandma offered to buy tickets, so how could i say no? we decided it would be fun to surprise the girls - they will be so thrilled!! DH, on the otherhand, not so much! haha


So excited for you and DD. I hope you have a wonderful time.


She will not be the only screaming girl there! DS7 secretly is in love with Hannah/Miley so he and I went to see it on Sunday 2/3…he could NOT understand why all the “little girls” (mind you, they were mostly his age) kept screaming! LOL He’d say “Mom, why don’t their parents tell them to be quiet?” :laugh:


That’s completely adorable!!!

How was the show Willbe!!?!?!


we loved it! did you love it too willbe? the girls were completly enthralled - DD7 kept hitting my arm saying “I can’t believe it” and “OMGosh”! DD4 just sat and sang along to all the songs and danced in her seat. so cute!!


My two DDs had a lot of fun as well . . . I’m sure the concert was super high energy!!


We LOVED it! Although the we were in a theater with a bunch of boring people everyone was so quiet and still. I was singing and dancing in my seat! It just made me wish I could have gotten tickets to the concert. I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD!