OMG - We just added on


We contacted our DVC Rep on Friday and got SSRS for $92 a point with a minimum 100 point purchase. The offer ends Tuesday. We picked up 100 for use year 2008-2009 (with no closing costs) and will recieve our regular allotment plus the 100 we purchased on December 1, 2009. We banked the new points to next year and they were able to apply them to our reservation for next June. The whole transaction was rather painless and Member Services was great to work with when we banked, applied the banked points, added a room, changed the occupants of the original room. :wub:


WOW. That’s awesome. DH retires in 4 years from AF. We have been talking about becoming DVC members then!





Awesome! I am happy for you - when are you going to use them?


Congratulations! We just joined DVC in 12/08 and haven’t even used them yet. The offer for 100 pts came up pretty cheap so we jumped on it. Pts were less than 12/08 so we couldn’t resist. Since we are newbies to the DVC all the posts here at MB have been so helpful. Lots to watch out for and so many helpful tips. I already had my ears, but my husband has officially grown his now. :laugh:


That’s a great deal! Congrats! We just joined June 2008 and have since done 2 add-ons! One at BLT in May and one at AKV in August!!


Great move…you can’t have too many points!!!


Congratulations!! We haven’t added on yet but maybe one day…


Congratulations!:happy: More points is always a good thing!




Congrats to you on your new points. Sounds like you got a great deal.


Congratulations on the add on. Maybe we will add on later. If the Poly added on a DVC wing, we would jump on that.