OMG ! What a good surprise it was!


I cannot believe this !! DH just surprised me with an upgrade from POFQ this weekend to Grand Floridian !!! :wub: :heart: I am even more excited now ! I will have to try POFQ another time, maybe in Oct. :biggrin:


Holy Crap, I’m JEALOUS!!!

oh, did I say that out loud? :blush:

I mean, I am so happy for you, Tig! What a great guy your hubby is. :wub: I am sure you are going to LOVE it there!!!


What a wonderful surprise! And what a wonderful guy he must be! :wub:


Yay! I can’t wait to hear all about it!


He is a pretty great guy!!! We haven’t stayed there since our honeymoon. 8 years ago. I am still in shock, The Wildernes Lodge, Animal Kingdom Lodge, Grand Floridian and Contemporary all in the same year??? Who’s life am I living?? This is great!


WOW!!! What a great surprise :happy: What a great guy (infact I just shouted to my DH how great yours is, lol, maybe he’ll get the hint)


I hope he does and you get a great surprise too !!!:laugh:


What an awesome surprise! I can’t imagine how excited I would be with an upgrade like that. Enjoy.


I second this! What a great surprise.:ohmy:


How very romantic! :wub:


AWESOME! Congrats!!! you will LOVE it!


It is so exciting !!! Does anyone know what building(s) a marina view is? Or where exactly it is on the resort property to get a marina view?


lucky you I can only dream of the Grand Floridian




Wow! That is a wonderful surprise! I am jealous! That is my dream resort.


You’ll never go back to a moderate again.


That is exactly what I said to my husband !!


Kudos to your DH!!! I’m usually excited if my DH says yes to a Disney vacation…like he has much of a choice :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I’m not sure about the building location, but maybe you’ll want to mention to your DH that the spa at GF is to die for! Or if he’s into it, maybe you could surpise him with a massage at the spa.


The spa there is awesome . We went there on our honeymoon, however,that was the last time either of us got a massage!!


Well then, I think you should go all out. Of course it’s not my $$, but what the heck :happy: