OMG! What a surprise!


Hey all,

I know it has been a while since the last time I was on, but I have to share some AMAZING news…

I can home from work on Sunday night, and my husband sit me down and tells me to log onto my computer… “OKAY?”

Check your email…


Click this one… even before I clicked the link I was it was from Disney Reservation… My loving husband books us (just us) the Pop Century… 9/6/2014 to 9/12/2014.

OH MY!!!


A trip is always nice.


Yeah! There is nothing better than having a countdown unexpectedly!!!


Yea! Great for you!


September is sooooooooo awesome too!!! Congratulations!!!


Wooooo!!! :happy:


Awesome surprise!!


What a great husband you have. I guess you spent the rest of the night planning? September is such a nice time to go. Congrat’s on the trip.


What an awesome gift, and plenty of time to plan too!!


We talked about a September trip then it went by the wayside… but I never thought he would have booked a trip. I have never stayed at the POP… tell me about it?