Omnidroid confusion


In the Incredibles, there are three omnidroids: 08, 09, and 10, 8 being the one Mr. Incredible fights on Nomonisan, 9 being the bigger one that Syndrome captures him with, and 10, of course, being the huge Omnidroid that reeks havoc throughout Metroville. But when the message for Mr. Incredible gets the message for his help on Nomonisan, at the top of the data for the Omnidroid, it says Omnidroid 07. Later, Mirage calls the same one the Omnidroid 9000. What’s going on here?!??? :confused:

So as to not waste a thread,if you have any other questions regarding the Incredibles, post them here.


Well, the Omnidroid 9000 is the type of construct that it is, and the numbers just represent which 'droid it is! So we know that there are, or at least there have been 10 Omnidroid 9000s!

As far as your other question regarding why one was numbered 07, it could be just a continuity error! Or maybe the folks at PIXAR put that in to see if anyone would catch it! If so, congratulations!

Anyone else have any ideas on this?


I have another question though.
When Mr. Incredible views all the Supers and Omnidroids terminated, I noticed that Omnidroids 1 and 3 were exactly the same.


:whistling WOW Lenny you are really observant! I wonder if that is just a continuity error?..I usually look for things like that, but it’s never as easy for me to find them in animated films as it is in live action. You’ve got a sharp brain!!