? on booking resort thru WDW website


Hi all,

Haven’t been on in a while, very busy with work, school and house. Seems as though there is not enough time in the day and night:(

We are in the process of booking our return to WDW in May 2009 and I have been pricing resorts with the buy 4 get 3 package.

When I use the package option POFQ is not available for the dates of 5/7-5/16/09 but when I try to price a regular package, the resort is available.

My question…

Do you think if I call direct they will show it booked and offer another resort? If they offer another resort, would it be comparable (moderate) to what I am trying to book, or will they upgrade?

Do they allow so many rooms per resort for packages?

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I know that they only have a certain # of rooms available for FL resident and passholder discounts . I would assume the same for the package you are looking at. Just call to be sure.


yes, they only have a certain amount of rooms set aside for the package. If you call you will probably be offered another moderate choice or something higher up but not at the moderate price.


Tried it again on the website and came back no rooms available under the package but available without using the buy 4 get 3 package. Chatted with CM, Rhett, and he confirmed they only hold so many rooms per resort for each package. I am going to try to call and see what they offer in place of POFQ.


Ok, in calling WDTC, POFQ was booked for the package and they offered POR or CBR. We chose CBR (our home away from home). All preferred rooms were booked and the Standard Pirate themed rooms were located in Trinidad South, which is too far away from OPR. So booked standard requesting Aruba or Jamaica with a ground floor.