On hold right now...seeing if Spoodles has an opening tonight


But, I doubt it. A Friday in June? But, Matt came home feeling like Spoodles!

If there is one, we won’t have time for a park visit, too…but, Spoodles is FUN!

Today is the last day we could use our passes.

I would love just ONE ride on Maelstrom… I wish he would of thought of this 2 hours ago!

I’m listening to “Ain’t it great to have a friend like me!”


Good Luck!!


I have my fingers crossed!


Erin, since Matt is willing to drive to WDW for Spoodles and there isn’t an opening, GO TO EPCOT to eat at one of the restaurants, there!!! YOU HAVE TO!!! LEAVE NOW!!! DO NOT PASS GO!!! DO NOT COLLECT $200!!!

(and message me when you get back, K??? :wink: )


fingers and toes crossed…let us know before you run out the door!!!


:tongue: Hey! Bye!


SHE GOT IT! YAY!!! :happy:



Have fun! Drive safe! Give the mouse a squeeze from me!


You are so lucky Erin! Have a great time!


Whoo Hoo!!! I smell another E-Ticket trip report coming up!!!


Have Fun!!!


Well Erin, we are waiting !!!


You are so lucky! I hope you have a wonderful evening.


Tell the trolls hi for me… Unlike you I haven’t seen them since Dec.!!!


Erin, I Hope you had fun!!! Talk to ya tomorrow, girlie! :flowers:


I had a great time!! We didn’t get there in time to go to EPCOT (We arrived to Illuminations going on!)

But, that’s ok - we had a GREAT time hanging out on the Boardwalk!! There were a few street preformers, etc. out this time.


It was GOoOoooOOoOOoOd!


Aww bittersweet, no Epcot, but yay Spoodles.
I just realized that there really is no blackout for Spoodles. Hmmm.


So what did you eat? :happy:


Yay!!! Erin!!! glad u got to go , now tell us MORE!!! :wub:


Well, this dinner coincided with me starting a new weight loss center. I was sent home with directions to eat like I normally do for the weekend, but cut out all SODA (:eek:) and SNACKS. On Monday I will receive my full menu and get started on the real diet. :happy:

So, armed with the knowledge that this would be my last chance to get dessert at WDW for 4 months (the duration of my diet)…

I ordered the 4 cheese flatbread and split it with Caisley, and I had creme brulee!

Matt had the rigatoni and the greek salad, again. He loves it.