On-line ADR system up and running


You can now make advanced dining reservations (ADRs) for select WDW restaurants online from Disney World Restaurants | Walt Disney World Resort | Walt Disney World Resort


Where do I go on the page to start booking reservations?


It is below each individual restaurant photo…looks cool! Wish I could book now, but I still have a week to wait…


Yahoo . . . I was just going to ask about this in my breakfast thread! Going to check it out now! :happy:


Wow! It’s AWESOME! If they don’t have availability, they give you alternates to choose from . . . places I never even thought of! COOL!:wub:


I’m so glad I had not lost my mind when I was given this info a week ago! Going to check it out now. Thursday is my day!

Ok, wait…my countdown says 90 days!!! According to Disney when I made my ressie back in March and the website with the calculator, I can’t make them until June 18. What’s up!? Looks like I need to try to make some ADR’s!

One more edit/update. I tried to make an ADR and the calendar is showing only up to Sept 14 so looks like my original Thursday June 18 for making ADR’s is correct. Phew!


Let us know how it works! I’m wondering if you add each item to shopping cart and check out after each reservation or if you can list them all and then check out?


That is too cool. It still has a few bugs, but I made an ADR for a co-worker to go to Ohanas. Sad I don’t have a trip to plan.


My question exactly. Anyone try it out yet?


You can check out after you are done with all of them. Important: If you are inactive for more than 20 minutes, or if you do not check out in 2 hours, you will lose your ADR.


When you check out, it also e-mails you a copy with a confirmation number.

the e-mail it comes from is


This is too cool.

Thanks DVC Mike


Thanks! Can’t wait to try it out!


This is so great. I am trying to modify my O’Hana reservation. I’m not having any luck, but the system is so easy to use and it is giving me lots of alternatives. I am so glad they finally got this up and running. I think this will be very helpful to many people.


Can you do 90 + 10? Does it ask for reservation number? Does it accept DVC reservation numbers?


Okay…I made a reservation (then cancelled same.) It was certainly easy, but I was not asked for any confirmation number or reservation number or check-in date. I guess you would have to make ADRs every day because there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to enter arrival date or hotel res. number so how would they know your check in date to allow for the 90 + 10?


Really? It asked for my dates and ressie number at check out? Weird?


It is good! I was impressed!:wub:

I just wish they had an “enter date and time” and then it showed you options rather then trying for one and THEN seeing your options.


works great. Still couldn’t get Le Cellier at just under 90 days but I’ve got ADRs booked for pre/post cruise nights!


Did anyone notice that they put up some of the menu’s too in PDF files? Including wine lists!!
***Sorry-- I only noticed it for California Grill (in the Overview section)


Hey everyone. I was able to snag a ressie for CRT but when I go to checkout it needs my CC number and says it will be charged today. I want to use TS credits for it but it doesn’t seem to be giving me the option. Any suggestions as to what I’m doing wrong?

I reread all the info and I found what I’m looking for. Thanks anyways : )