On line Check in


I hit the magical time to check-in on-line (10 days).

HOWEVER … there is a system problem which can cause problems. Apparently this is only for multiple room reservations.

I was told by the CM not to attempt to use this feature. So Heads up!


Yes, I’ve read several times of people having problems with check in when there are multiple rooms. Kind of amazes me that Disney can get so many things right, but their IT seems to be lacking a bit.


Yep, it has NOTHING to do with the restaininig order. :laugh:

I told you to use an fake name on the reservation.

Another thing I’ve found is that the system seem to randomly assign a primary guest name. It had my wife as primary on a reservation earlier in the year, and my Dec trip shows up under my guest’s name in the studio and not mine.


Darn computers…


But the problem is only for multiple rooms right? I hope so, I want to use online check in. I only have 8 days until I can check in online!


Well, this is what the CM told me when I called. Be careful.


For this past trip, I decided not to do on-line check in because the other two times I’ve tried it, we were in that line longer than the regular check in. That being said, when I went to check in at the front desk this last trip, the girl kind of had a question mark on her face, consulted another cm, and then told me I was in the wrong line because I had utilized the early check in. I told her no I didn’t. I specifically chose not to do that. She then asked if someone else in my family did it for me because I was already checked in, and they had to walk over to the other area to get my packet. Nope, I didn’t. I don’t think that she believed me though!


Darn it! I was excited to do my online check in today…we have multiple rooms, so I guess I better not try it.


Thanks for the heads up. It’s stinks for you, but better to know than to do it and have a screw-up reservation. I am sure once the CMs see you check in (you being such a famous guest!), you will have no issues getting a quick check in and any request your heart desires. :whistling