On Mission Space, I


So, I rode Mission Space last week, and got sick, for about 5 days. I can usually ride it, but only once, and I am fine, but for some reason, it wiped me out. When you ride Mission Space, what do you do?


I do the original version and can still handle it for the time being. I can usually only do it once or twice a trip…but Dave could probably do it 85 times in a row and be happy. When I get off of it I never say to myself “Let’s do it again!!!” It’s just too much!


I don’t want to risk missing a park day if the full version is too much for me so I only go on the chicken side.


I did the full version once and will only do once in my life. I am not sure I would even try the tame side at this point.


I love the orange side but I’m the only one in my family so we do the Green side.


I do the orange side when I am with Daniel, I could never go on more than once in a row but if I spread it out over a couple days I am completely fine doing orange. For me it’s not the moving that effects me it’s the close space. I start to feel really claustrophobic with my face so close to that screen, a chest harness on, and being closed in that little pod.

Otherwise I am ok! :laugh:


The merry-go-round makes me dizzy. It’s green or nothing for me.


Ooops, I just voted for the wrong thing- “I don’t go near it”- when I meant to vote for “Ride the Green Side, because the Orange makes me sick.”

I’ve ruined the poll! I’ve skewed the results! :laugh:

I used to be able to ride anything. After having my son, spinning =:blow:


I’ve only ridden orange side one time. I voted wait in a gift shop. I don’t want to risk ruining the rest of my day. Once was enough for me.


Go Big or Go home.


I rode the original when there was only one choice and DH and I were sick for the rest of the day.

I hadn’t ridden it in a few years when a kind gentleman gave us some FP’s that he couldn’t use. Well, I decided to try it once more on the Green side and it was no problem. I was glad I gave it a chance as we had a great time.


Orange all the way!!!
I guess I’am one of the lucky ones, it doesn’t bother me at all.


That’s my motto!

I ride the orange side…once during the day at EPCOT is plenty for me:happy:


I go orange over and over.


I rode it once before they had orange and green and was ok. But, its a “been there , done that” for me so I don’t need to go near it now.


I wait in the gift shop or outside if my DD decides to ride it…I can’t do that closed in space thingy…the spinning was cool though.


I rode it once, before you had a choice of orange/green. I’ll never ride again! I had to sit for about half an hour afterwards. Even after that, I walked funny (well, funnier than usual :whistling) for hours!


Didnt even chance it went right to green.:blow:


I just can’t bring myself to try either version of this ride. I am perfectly content hanging out in the gift shop doing what I do best…spending money!!


I also went before there was Orange and Green. My husband, who’s claustrophobic and gets motion sick easily, waited outside with the 2-year-old. I loved it and wouldn’t have minded riding again, but I haven’t been back.