On my way!


Boarding the flight in about 20 minutes! I’m so excited! But soooooo tired. Roughly 9 hours sleep in the past 3 days had to get a large cafe mocha with extra espresso and it didn’t do a thing! Thanks goodness Tsa didn’t take my 5 hour energy! Lol trip report soon!


Have a great trip!!


Have a magical trip!


Have a wonderful time - lots of pictures please!


Have a great time! Don’t worry a quick nap and a shot of adrenaline when you arrive will pick you right up.


Have a wonderful trip! Looking forward to the TR!


Enjoy we are leaving Friday


Have a great trip ahead.
My wife is a Doctor and she has not afford enough holidays for this trip so we will be there soon in this November.


Have fun!!


Must be going well – looking forward to hearing and seeing all about it!